Bibliography #2
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1.         Materials at reading level:

Harkin, Rev. E. (1956). A history of the Catholic Church in Decatur County, Iowa. Leon , Iowa : Leon Journal-Reporter. A primary source detailing the lives of Irish immigrants to southwest Iowa .  Can be used to contrast immigrant experiences in rural Iowa versus urban Davenport .

2.         Materials below reading level:

3.         Materials above reading level:

Daniels, R. (1991) A history of immigration and ethnicity in American life. Princeton , N J: HarperPerennial. A college level history textbook describing causes and patterns of migration to America with specific references to contributions by major ethnic groups. Can be used for documentation in papers.

4.         Primary/professional sources:

Galvin, Rev. M. (1994, May 29). Letter to John Mullin. Qtd. in Mullin, J. (1995). Mullin Ancestry. Transcription of personal correspondence with the local priest in the ancestral Mullin home in Ireland .

Mullin, J. (1995). Mullin Ancestry. (Unpublished genealogy). Davenport , IA :. Original manuscript. Provides material for construction of a family tree.