Unit 4
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Famine Ships and Escape from Ireland

Background and Rationale:

The purpose of this unit is to relate the horrific experience of the Famine Ships and the disparate flight from Ireland. This unit is designed for American Studies grades ten to twelve , complete with resources and activities.

Why study Famine Ships? Human nature allows people to remember good things. The Mullin Family oral history describes these voyages as "Love Boats." However, for a considerable number of Famine Irish, intolerable conditions and even death from disease awaited them on-board. And, their stories need to be remembered.

Components of this unit are:

Lesson #6: The Famine Ships
-"The Lament of the Irish Immigrant" (poem)
-Historical Journal Exercise

Lesson #7: Irish Immigrant Networks
-(Study Guide) Reading #3: Martin Reagan and a Story of Survival