Vocabulary Exercise
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Each answer is worth 2 pts. (2 x 16=32 pts)

a. New Deal:

_____  Famine ships where couples met

b. Depression:

_____  Social organization and network

c. Credit:

_____  Recouping the money spent to make something

d. Debt:

_____  Great Depression economic program

e. Cost of production:

_____  Formal and informal organizations which provide support

f. Economic factor:

_____  Famine ships which experienced pestilence

g. War effort:

_____  Persons organized to improve agricultural profitability

h. Farm reformers:

_____  Severe decline in productivity and profitability

i. Love boats:

_____  Roman Catholicism

j. Coffin ships:

_____  Formal organizations developed for mutual economic benefit

k. Networks:

_____  The ability to borrow money

l. The Church:

_____  Multiple generations moving together

m. Unions:

_____  Money owed

n. Ancient Order of Hibernians:

_____  Something that causes businesses to prosper or decline

o. Extended Family:

_____  National political organization

p. Democratic Party:

_____  Everyone doing their part to accomplish a goal


Extra credit (1 pt):
What term did you find most interesting? Why?