Lesson #12
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River City, USA  

Background and Rationale: 

This is the second lesson of the third week of a unit which examines coerced Irish migration to Iowa for a grade 10-12 advanced placement, American Studies class. Having learned about characteristics of urban America , the focus of this lesson is on Irish migrants to Davenport , Iowa .

Why? Davenport is out home. Again, this is our history.


Objectives and Procedures: 

(50 minute class period)

Given the following activities, the students will:

Identify characteristics of upward mobility
Examine the physical geography of Davenport as a metaphor for upward social mobility
Examine the Nativist use of caricatures

Teaching strategies:

Lecture and exploration through discussion


Sequence of Events:

Minutes 1 through 5:
Administrative functions (attendance)

Minutes 5 through 10:
Topic introduction/hand out materials

Minutes 10 through 15:
Lecture: Irish upward mobility

Minutes 15 through 20:
Lecture: Bridgett and Patrick as caricatures of Irish immigrants

Minutes 20 through 25:
Preparation for presentations
Minutes 25 through 30:
Individual project presentations

Minutes 30 through 35:
Individual project presentations

Minutes 35 to 40:
Individual project presentations

Minutes 40 through 45:
Individual project presentations

Minutes 45 through 50:


How will I know this is working?

            a) Questions and response on Irish caricatures
            b) Enthusiastic presentations

Associated projects: Presentation of individual projects

Readings :