March 14, 1846. IRELAND

(From Our Own Correspondent.)

Dublin, March 12.

The Year of "Pestilence and Famine."

At this particular season, and when famine and fever are threatening to thin the numbers of the poorer classes, the following abstract of the salaries paid to the working staff at Conciliation-hall cannot but be highly gratifying to the wretched dupes who contribute weekly their shillings and pence to the bloated revenues of the repeal exchequer. Its correctness, in round numbers, is vouched for on the competent authority of a member of the association, whose stomach, it would appear, revolts from the monstrous misappropriation of the so-styled "sacred fund":

Mr. Ray, Secretary -- 350 L per annum

Mr. Crean, Assistant Secretary -- 200 L per annum

Mr. Dalton, Cashier -- 120 L per annum

Mr. Nagle, Curator -- 100 L per annum

Mr. Tighe, Overseer of Clerks -- 100 L per annum

Mr. Tighe, Jun., librarian -- 100 L per annum

Mr. Quigley, another overseer of clerks -- 80 L per annum

Mr. Quigly, Jun., -- 60 L per annum

Mr. Ray, brother to the secretary, scissors man -- 100 L per annum

Mr. Kit O'Connor, for doing nothing -- 100 L per annum

Mr. Dwyer, for ditto --100 L per annum

Mr. Dowling, for ditto --100 L per annum

Mr. Spratt, for ditto --100 L per annum

In addition to the foregoing sinecures, there are a variety of major and minor places, besides a staff of copying clerks with nothing to do, unless to sneer at the palpable humbug practicing before their eyes, and occasionally to transcribe a report of the parliamentary committee, or, peradventure, a letter from the pen of the secretary.