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SPED 210:
Inclusive Strategies
St. Ambrose University
3 Cr

Geometry Calculations (Lesson Plan)
Preamble (Lesson Plan)

The inclusion of students with disabilities in the general classroom focuses attention on ways to accommodate these unique learners. This course addresses, at the introductory level, characteristics of these learners, techniques and strategies for accommodating them in the general classroom and the communication skills needed to collaborate with parents, teachers, and specialists. Prerequisites: EDUC 205; PSYC 101.
Introduction to Education
Scott Community College
3 Cr

Education Revolution (Essay)
Climate Survey of West-End Schools

Study of the structure of American education, what is required for proper schooling and consideration of the role of the teacher. A broad foundation prepares the student for making career choices in school level and subject field.
EDUC 205:
Field Experience
St. Ambrose University
2 Cr

Electoral College (Presentation)
Realities of Teaching (Presentation)

Course provides orientation to the performance-based approach utilized in teacher education at St. Ambrose. Requires 70 hours of field observations. Intended for students with no PK - 12 observation experience.
EDUC 301: (WI)
History and Philosophy of Education
St. Ambrose University
3 Cr

My Philosophy (Essay)
Multiple Intelligences (Presentation)

The End of Education (Critical Review)
Financing Education (Paper)

Financing Education (Presentation)

Provides teacher education majors with a background in the historical development of U.S. education and in-depth analysis of its structural, philosophical, legal and ethical concerns. Panel discussions, debates and written reports are used. Prerequisites: EDUC 205, sophomore status and ENGL 101 with C or better.
EDUC 305:
Secondary Methods
St. Ambrose University
3 Cr

Micro Teaching (Presentation)
Classroom Management (Essay)

New Teacher Budget (Spreadsheet)

Organization, lesson planning, development of a teaching unit, secondary classroom procedures emphasized. Lecture and laboratory. Field hours are required. Prerequisites: EDUC 205, 284, 309. (Department methods of art, music and physical education are accepted in place of this course.)
EDUC 308:
Educational Technology
St. Ambrose University
2 Cr

Introduction (Presentation)
Bird Book (Presentation)

Visual Planning (Presentation)

Web Site (Presentation)

My Web Site

An introduction to a variety of technologies and media. Students construct a lesson incorporating technology relevant to their particular teaching endorsement. Prerequisites: Sophomore status and EDUC 205.
EDUC 336:
St. Ambrose University
3 Cr

The Great Famine (Unit Plan)
Great Famine Unit Plan (Web Site)

Examines literacy skills and instructional needs of middle and secondary school students, with emphasis on teaching and management techniques for a range of reading levels. Strategies for teaching comprehension study skills and recreational reading are introduced (field hours in a classroom setting). Prerequisites: EDUC 205, 284, and 309 or concurrent enrollment.
EDUC 419:
Student Teaching (Secondary Educ)
St. Ambrose University
15 Cr

Bettendorf High School (Climate Survey)
American History (Group Project Rubric)

Directed observation and supervised teaching experience. Students are required to spend a full day, five days per week, for a semester in a secondary school. Prerequisites: Admission to the Teacher Education Program; senior standing; all requirements in secondary education; major, minor areas; recommendations of chairs from the major, minor and Education Departments. Student teaching should be considered a full-time professional obligation.

Interstate New Teacher Assessment and
Support Consortium (INTASC) Standards