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Generation #2

Note: Information on the Braswell Family before Jane Braswell b. 1741 in Isle of Wight Co VA comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes.

Robert (1Robert) Bracewell (Conjecture)

Robert Bracewell was born 1650 in Isle of Wight Co VA. He is first mentioned in his father's will, receiving 1/2 of the estates in both Isle of Wight and Nansemond counties.

These were perilous times in the New World. People died early and often. People did what they had to to provide for and keep their families intact. [The Dying Times]

In about 1675, Robert married Susannah Burgess b. c. 1652 Isle of Wight Co VA. Susannah was the mother of three small children. She evidently needed a husband; as consort Roger Towle had not married her. And, Robert Braswell may have needed a wife. Combining the two households would have been reasonable.

1. The Bracewell/ Braswell family was religious and moral. On first glance, this marriage would appear out of character.
2. Evidently, there were extraordinary circumstances which we may never know.
3. With this understanding, it appears that I and other descendants of Robert, William and Elizabeth Braswell are in fact Towle descendants.
4. This would explain the group of Braswell yDNA tests who match each other but not the descendants of Rev. Robert Bracewell.

Robert and Susannah lived their lives in Isle of Wight County, raising at least five children. On 3/27/1796, Robert named his wife Susannah as Power of Attorney and is believed to have died shortly thereafter.

Virginia Land Grants, Vol. 6, p. 310:
To all Cr.ns Whereas &c Now Know yee that I...William Berkeley Knt Goverr &c give and grant unto Mr ROBERT BRACEWELL Eight hundred Acres of Land in ye upper parrish of Nansimond County, begining at a marked white oake, and so Runing West North West 320 pools to a mked pine Standing in a pocosson, and soe South South West 400 pools to a marked white oake and soe East South East 320 pools to a marked red oake and soe north north East 400 pools (on ye mile end of ?) his owne Land & JAMES LONGS Land to ye first Station the said Land being due by and for ye Transport of Sixteen prsons &c to have and to hold & yeilding and paying &c Provided &c Dated this 22nd day of Aprill 1670

Isle of Wight Co VA Will of Robert Bracewell #1
Written 15 Feb 1667, Probated 1 May 1668
- and the rest of all my estate unto my two sonnes Robert and Richard whome
I make my full and sole executors of this my will, and the Mill I desire shall be finished with what speed my bee and to be let out, only reserving corner for themselves, and the p.duce of the mill to be equally divided between them both, and reserved to build a new mill hereafter and when built to be left wholly to my sonne Richard likewise I give seven hundred acres of land where I now live and six hundered acres at the western Branch of Nancemond County to be equall divided between my two sonnes Robert and Richard likewise it is my desire that no part of parcell of the estate shall be disposed of nor none of the land until they both are of full age nor no wayes divided but if it shall please God that either of them shall depart this life before he comes of age that then the survivior shall enjoye the whole
- and likewise it is my desire that my two sonnes Robert and Richard shall be put to scholle until they can both read and write.

Isle of Wight Deed Book 1 (1688-1704), p. 202:
Robert Braswell (#2) POA
3/27/1696. These prsents wittnis that I ROB:t BRASWELL of the Isle of Wight County in Verginia. Constitute & appointe my Loving wife SUSANA BRASWELL to be my lawful attorney to m?? and in my name to procecute and sue all such persons as are in debt to me and to an??? suites which I have Depending in the Isle of Wight Courte in wittnis heare unto I Se? this 27 day of march 1696.


    4. James Bracewell

October: the 22nd 1714 IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I SUSANNAH BRASWELL in the Upper Parish of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia. . .
and for rest of my worldly Goods within Doors and Without I Give and Bequeath unto my Son JAMES BRASWELL to him and his Heirs. . .
and I desire you my trust __ RICHARD JONES & RICHARD JORDAN to see this my last Will and Testament performed.
Isle of Wight Co VA Will Book 2, p. 47-48:
Legatees: wife Mary, son John (land on Reedy Branch and Blunt's Swamp), son Samuel (received land adj. Charles Porter and James Braswell), daughters Sarah and Faithe (the land on which Mathew Delk lives), daughter Jane, daughter Mary, daughter Catherine, daughter Elizabeth.
wit: Samuel Adkins, James Braswell. rec. 23 June, 1729.
Edgecombe Deed Book 0, p. 294:
James BRASWELL purchased a lot in the new town of Tarboro.
Edgecombe Co NC Will Book 3, pg. 304:
Will of James Braswell:
7 Sep 1760. Wife unnamed, children Joseph, James, Benjamin, Sarah Cain and Olive (Ohio) Stinson. Son and Exr Simon. Reversion of all.
Wit: Samuel Ruffin, John Davis and Nathaniel Ruffin. Probated Jan Ct 1765.

    5. Ann Braswell

October: the 22nd 1714 IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I SUSANNAH BRASWELL in the Upper Parish of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia. . .
I Give to my Daughter ANN one Shilling, I Give to m__ Grandson JOHN RIGGS One Shilling. . .
and I desire you my trust __ RICHARD JONES & RICHARD JORDAN to see this my last Will and Testament performed.

Generation #3


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