Descendants of Richard Kindred of England

Generation #2

John (1Richard) Kindred, Sr. of James City VA

John Kindred was born 1635, probably in James City VA.

In 1661 Surry Co VA, John married Mary Knight b. c. 1640 in James City VA. We know that John migrated to Surry Co VA before 10/1670 when he purchased land. Did John migrate several years earlier and spend time as an indentured servant?

John and Mary lived their lives in Surry Co VA, raising at least three children. John died before 1/1677 when his will was probated in Surry Co VA.

William and Mary College Quarterly, Ser. 2. Vol. IX, p. 211
John Kindred, Sr. deposed in 1670 that he was 35 years of age.


    1. Elizabeth Kindred

    2. John Kindred b. 1663 Surry Co VA

    3. Samuel Kindred

    4. Prudence Kindred

John Skelton (her uncle?) appointed guardian of Prudence Kindred

Generation #3


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