Descendants of John Sammons of South Carolina

Generation #1

John (0Research) Sammons of South Carolina

John Sammons was born in 1801, probably in Richmond Co SC. He was married in about 1828 to Elizabeth Mitchell b. 1800 also in South Carolina.

John and family were in South Carolina until 1829 when son Eli was born. After 1830, John started a family migration which would eventually end in Wayne Co MS. The family is next found in Georgia by 1832 where daughter Caroline was born. Concurrent to John's departure from South Carolina was the discovery of Gold in Georgia. Did John have "gold fever?" Reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that John was attracted to Georgia by the 1832/33 Georgia Gold Rush Land Lotteries.

Whether or not John was a successful gold prospector is not known. Most probably, he was not; as he and his family migrated by 1836 to Alabama where daughter Mary was born. And again, the family continued their southern migration to Holmes Co FL where they are found in the 1850 Census. 

We do know that John was not particularly prosperous; as he is cited in the 1850 Census as a "Timber-getter." Oral family history states that John and Eli worked cutting timbers which were processed into crossties for the ever expanding railroad system. This would have been very labor intensive work without the aid of modern tools and equipment. Additionally, the women-folk are noted for baking pies which they sold to the railroad construction crews from a wagon alongside the tracks.

The family migrated to Wayne Co MS before the 1860 Census. After 1860, the Sammons Family disappears from our records; as John and Elisabeth died before 1880. Additionally, Eli enlisted in the 48th Mississippi Infantry and is believed to have died in the war. Daughter Louisa Jane is found living in her husband's home in the 1870 Wayne Co MS Census. The whereabouts of the other girls is not known.

Males Born After


Sammons Females Born After # Sammons
45+       45+      
25-44 1775     25-44 1775    
18-25 1795     16-25 1795    
16-18 1802    
10-15 1805     10-15 1805    
to 10 1810     to 10 1810    
Males Born After # Sammons Females Born After # Sammons
100+       100+      
to 100 1730     to 100 1730    
to 90 1740     to 90 1740    
to 80 1750     to 80 1750    
to 70 1760     to 70 1760    
to 60 1770     to 60 1770    
to 50 1780     to 50 1780    
to 40 1790     to 40 1790    
to 30 1800     to 30 1800    
to 20 1810     to 20 1810    
to 15 1815     to 15 1815    
to 10 1820     to 10 1820    
to 5 1825     to 5 1825    
1850 Federal Census: Holmes County, Florida
HN  FN  Last    First      Age  Sex  Occup.   Birth
38  38  Sammons John       48   M    Laborer  SC
                Elizabeth  52   F             SC
                Eli        22   M    Laborer  SC
                Caroline   18   F             GA
                Mary       14   F             AL
                Luazy       9   F             FL
1860 Federal Census: Wayne County, Mississippi
HN  FN  Last    First      Age  Sex  Occup.   Birth
5   5  Sammons John        56   M    Timber-  SC
               Elisabeth   60   F    Getter   SC    
               Caroline    26   F             GA
               Louisa      18   F             FL
               William      3   M             MS
In Memory of Elizabeth
Wife of John Sammons
Died Dec. 12, 1873
Age about 72 years
Gone to a bright home
Where grief can not come.


    1. Eli Sammons

Research Note: Elizabeth Jane Nichols was born 2/3/1833 in Randolph Co GA. The Nichols Family migrated after 1840 to Dale Co AL then to Greene Co AL. The family settled in Wayne Co MS.

1860 Federal Census: Wayne County, Mississippi
LN  HN   Last   First Name   Age  Sex   Birth
342 518  Sammons  Eli        31   M     GA
                  Elisabeth  29   F     GA
                  John        4   M     GA
                  Louisa      2   F     GA
                  Elisabeth   1   F     GA
Eli Sammons (First_Last)
Regiment Name 48 Mississippi Infantry
Side Confederate
Company E
Soldier's Rank_In Private
Soldier's Rank_Out Private

    2. Caroline Sammons

    3. Mary Sammons

    4. Luanzy Jane Sammons b. 3/11/1841 Holmes Co FL

Generation #2


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