Descendants of Christian Hansen
of Roskilde, Denmark


Generation #1

Christian (0Research) Hansen of Roskilde, Denmark

Christian was born 12/28/1861 in Roskilde, Denmark. From family stories, we know that Christian immigrated to America as a young man.

From the 1900 Travis Co TX census, we learn that Christian immigrated to America in 1884, probably to New Orleans. And by 1886, we find Christian in Texas married to Andrea Petra Nielsen b. c. 1855 in Denmark. Evidently, Christian accomplished what he wanted, when he wanted it.

Family Story:
-Christian Hansen (born in Roskilde, Denmark)
Christian ran away and came to America. The story was that his parents were angry about his being willing to marry the barmaid he got pregnant. He didnít marry the barmaid. He is rumored to have had a temper.
-Petra Johnson Hansen (born Denmark, island off Copenhagen.)
Christian saved Petra and her daughters when their wagonís horses ran away with them. She was a wealthy widow who married the charming man who rescued them.
-Christian's granddaughter knew his last wife well. She postulates that Christian had four wives.

Finding Christian in records is difficult; as the 1890 census is missing. By 1889 wife Petra died, and Christian married Johanna b. 1858 in Sweden. How many of the children born between 1886 and 1893 belonged to Christian as opposed to Johanna and a previous husband?

Christian is first  found in the 1900 Travis Co TX census, married and living in Manda City TX. And from this record, we attempt to unravel the story of Christian and his many wives.

Creating a biography for Christian is difficult; as he had several children from several marriages. The following information is gleaned from the 1900 censuses:
-Daughter M Clara was born in Denmark. But Christian met Petra in Texas. Therefore, she is the daughter of widow Petra and her first husband.
-Proven son Eiler was born 1886 in Texas. His mother was born in Denmark.
-We find a girl, Eglia b. 1886 Travis Co TX, with the family. Was son Eiler and daughter Eglia twins?
-Wife M Johanna was born in Sweden and immigrated in 1889.
-So, none of the children born in Texas before 1889 were Johanna's children.
-The remaining children probably were Johanna's.

By 1910 we find Christian in Williamson Co TX listed as a hired man with no family. In the 1910 census, the only family members found are son Eiler as head-of-household and 12 year-old sister Matilda.

In 1920 we find Christian back in Travis Co TX married again; this time to a woman named Karen. And, Karen is the grandmother remembered by descendants. Christian died 5/7/1931 in Travis Co TX

1900 Federal Census: Travis County, Texas
DW  Last    First      Rel  Sex  Age  DOB   POB      Imm   OCCUP
99  Hansen  Christian  Head  M   39   1861  Denmark  1884  Farmer
            M Johanna  Wife  F   42   1858  Sweden   1889
            M Clara    Dau   F   19   1881  Denmark
            Eglia      Dau   F   14   1886  Travis Co TX
            Alfred     Son   M   12   1888  Travis Co TX
            Clarence   Son   M   10   1890  Texas
            V Peter    Son   M    9   1892  Texas
            Ernst      Son   M    8   1893  Texas
            Alla       Dau   F    3   1897  Texas
            Mathilda   Dau   F    1   1899  Texas
1910 Federal Census: Williamson County, Texas
DW  Last    First   Rel        Sex  Age  POB
    Almquist  Emil  Head        M   29   Sweden
              Salie  Wife       F   21   Texas
    Hansen    Crist  Hired Man  M   47   Denmark
1920 Federal Census: Travis County, Texas
DW  Last    First   Rel   Sex  Age  POB
    Hanson  Christon  58  M    58   Denmark
            Karen M   42  F    42   Denmark
            Otto      19  M    19   Denmark

    Petra's children w/ 1st husband

    1. M. Clara Hansen b. 1881 in Denmark

    Children w/ Petra

    2. Eiler Hansen (Twin) b. 8/11/1886 Travis Co TX

    3. Eglia Hansen (Twin) b. 1886 Travis Co TX

    4. Alfred Hansen b. 1888 Travis Co TX

    Children w/ Johanna

    5. Clarence Hansen b. 1890 in Texas

    6. V. Peter Hansen b. 1892 in Texas

    7. Ernst Hansen b. 1893 in Texas

    8. Alla Hansen b. 1897 in Texas

    9. Matilda Hansen

1910 Federal Census: Williamson County, Texas
DW  Last   First       Rel    Sex  Age  POB     POB     POB    OCCUP
214 Hanson  Eiles      Head    M   24   Texas   Texas   Texas  Salesman
            Alma       Wife    F   28   Sweden  Sweden  Sweden
            Walter  H  Son     M    1   Texas
            Matilda    Sister  F   12   Texas

Generation #2


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