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Generation #2

John (1William)  Cox of Delaware

Research Note: Others have postulated that the Cox children who were born in the 1690s were the children of William Cox and Emmetje Van der Coelen. However, records from Old Swede Church in New Castle Co DE show that their children were born in the 1710s and 1720s, placing them in the same generation as John Cox, who married Mary Gerritsen, and Ann Cox, who married Casparus Gerritsen. Nor were they the parents of Thomas Cox who wed Mary Cook. [The Other Cox Family]

John was born about 1660 in New Castle on Delaware. In 1713 in Chester Co PA, John wed Mary Gerritsen b. 12/18/1690 New Castle on Delaware. And, John's sister Ann wed Mary's brother, Casparus Gerritsen.

In 1736 son John Jr., migrating in the company of the Harlan family, began this Cox family's migration west over the Susquehanna River to western Lancaster Co PA, the lands which would become York Co PA in 1749. John, Sr. and family migrated by 1737 when he was cited as "late of Chester" selling 250 acres. We know the majority of the family was in the west by 11/1748 when son William married his first cousin, Emey Gerritsen. Evidently, the Cox boys were infatuated with their Gerritsen cousins; as son Benjamin married his first cousin Martha Gerritsen.

Here we encounter the primary route of western and southern migration before the Revolution. The Great Wagon Road rises up out of Philadelphia and wends west toward Lebanon PA then it crosses the Susquehanna at Columbia PA. The family would use this route in the future to migrate south to the Carolina Piedmont and Old 96 Dist SC.

Locating the family during this time can be confusing. The Quaker records state Sadsbury MM, Lancaster, and Warrington MM, Lancaster/ York. Effectively, these are the same place on the west side of the Susquehanna. Nearby Newberry MM split from Sadsbury MM in 3/1746. Warrington MM  split from Sadsbury MM in 12/1747. And, York Co split from Lancaster Co in 1749.

Sometime before 1754, purported sons Cornelius and Allen continued the family migration south again on the Great Wagon Road, perhaps to Frederick TWP SC, then onto Old 96 Dist (now Newberry Co) SC. And, other family members continued their group migration south to the Quaker settlements of Old Orange Co NC.

John was effectively lost to records. He died 9/13/1764 in York Co PA. He and Mary are buried in Warrington Friends Meeting House Cemetery. But, the John Cox family is also important to this research; as at least two of his children migrated south to the Quaker settlement in Old Orange Co NC.

In 1722 John Cocks Sr of Chester Co., bought 250 acres in London Grove (Kennett MM before 1715, New Garden until 1723) adjoining Richard Cocks and Moses Harlan. 
John and Mary Cox sold 250 acres in 1737 (late of Chester Co.).


Reportedly, there were fifteen children.

    1. John Cox

John Cocks son of John Cocks of Londongrove in ye County of Chester in ye Province of Pensilvenia & Mary Harlan Dau of Mosses Harlan of ye same please. 9, 8m, 1735 at ye Meeting house of Newgarden. . .
Wit: John Cocks, Mary Cocks, Mosses Harlan, Margret Harlan, Jno Cocks, Mary Cocks. . . . 
Note: John and Mary migrated west in the company of Mary's parents, Moses and Margaret Harlan.

    2. Samuel Cox

    3. Solomon Cox

    4. Benjamin Cox

    5. William Cox

    6. Anna Cox

    7. Sarah Cox

    8. Emer Cox

    9. Thomas Cox

Research Note: This is not the Thomas Cox who married Martha Jenkins.


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