Descendants of Johannes Diedricks
of Canton Bern, Switzerland

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Generation #2

Johannes "John" (1Johannes) Diedricks, Jr. of South Carolina

Johannes was known also as Hans and John, Jr. John was born in about 1710 in Canton Bern, Switzerland. And sometime before emigrating to America, John married Agnes Zung b. c. 1715 in Switzerland  John emigrated in the company of his parents to America about the Ship Samuel in 1735. 

The first record for John is a 9/1735 record showing John's land boundary in Orangeburg SC. Additionally, John was granted an additional 50 acres in 1737 after the birth of daughter Anna.

But, Johannes died in 1742 just after the birth of daughter Margaret. And, his estate was inventoried on 3/19/1742.

Without a doubt, John's death at such a young age was traumatic for his family. He had a young widow and two infant daughters. Agnes was married sometime after 1742 to George Giessendanner, Jr. b. 7/17/1723 in Switzerland. George was the nephew of Rev. Hans Ulrich Giessendanner and brother of Rev. John Giessendanner. John Diedrick's children grew up in the Giessendanner home until George's death in 1751.

Again, the young widow with young daughters remarried. On 2/2/1752 Agnes married Peter Roth, widower of sister-in-law Anna Diedricks. And, the family lived on the Roth Plantation. Evidently, Peter was fond of his stepdaughter; as he left land to John's daughter Margaret in his 1760 will.

Agnes died 3/25/1758 and is buried in the St. Michael's churchyard.

Pursuant to a precept under the hand & seal of James St. John Esq. His Majesty's Sur. Genl, I have admeasured & laid out unto Henry Zaley a tract of Land in Orangeburgh Township in Berkeley County containing Two hundred acres Butting &: Bounding to the S. W. on Pon Pon River to the N. E. on land not laid out; to the S. E. on land laid out unto Jacob Twyther & to the N. W. on land laid out to Barbara Hatcher & also one Town Lot in Orangeburgh, containing one half of an acre; Known on the grand plat of the Town by the number one hundred & 6S: Butting & Bounding to the S. W. on 165 laid out to Hans Deitricks, Junr. to the N. E. on a Street; to the S. E. on N9 Laid out to Jacob Miller; to the N. W. on N7. Land laid out to Henry Pickenfiaker, each hath such shape marks as are presented by the above plat.
Certified the 20 Sepl 1735. "Geo. Haig 1). S."
Hans Dietrick had 100 acres surveyed on 24 Apr 1736. It was located slightly north of the town, where he was granted town lot #165.
On 4 Oct 1737, an additional 50 acres was surveyed for John Dietrick following the birth of his first child.
Anno 1740 27th of March were married privately after 2 previous announcements  in the house of Heinrich Sahli, Joseph Guthieren and Anna Maria Sahli witnessed and in the presence of Hans Diedrich, Junr., Hans Frijdig, Heinrich Würtzen, Hans Danner, Joseph Robinson.
c. 1/1741 Joseph Cuttier to Maria Sahly, Witness Hans Diedrick, Junr., Hans Freydig, Henry Wurtz, and Joseph Robison.
1741 Jan 12, married Joseph Cuttier and Maria Sahly.
Witnesses: Hans Diedrick, Jr., Hans Freydig, Henry Wurtz, and Joseph Robinson.

Anno 1741 Thursday the 3. Septe(mber) in Mr. John Hearn's Esqr. house were married by me James Pendarvis and Katherine Rumpf witnesses John Hearns, John Pearson, John Hammelton, John Diedrichs, John Danners, Robert Whitefords.

SC Misc. Rec. Vol. 173, pg. 317:
Estate of John Dietrick Jr. Inventoried on 19 Mar 1742, per administrator Peter Faure.
Married George Giessendanner, Junr. to Agnes Diedrich, widow. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1750 April 15 Received The Holly Communion on Easter Sunday in the Church of Orangeburgh, Agnes Giessendanner. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1751 On Thursday August 29th was enterred the Body of George Giessendanner Junr. who was born in Switzerland 17 July n.s. 1723 and dyed on Tuesday night August 27th 1751 after 11 Days confinement in Bed and a comsumptive lingering Ailment of several years. Aged 28 years and some Weeks. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1752 On Sunday Febr. 2d, in Orang. Church, Peter Roth to Agnes, late widow of George Giessendanner, dec'd. In Presence of the Congregation. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1758 On Saturday March 25th died after Ten Days Illness and on Sunday March 26th was enterred in the Church yard of Orangeburgh the Body of Agnes, wife of Peter Roth of Orangeburgh. (Rev. Giessendanner)


    1. Anna Diedricks

1752 On Sunday July 26th In Orangeburgh Church. Mary Elizabeth, Daughter of Jacob & Ann Wolf; born May 29th 1752. Suscep; John George Hessy, Ann Diedrick. Ann Wolf. (Rev. Giessendanner)

On Sunday April 27th. 1755,.Martin, Son of Peter & Margaret,, Barbara Hottow: born April 1, 1755. Suscep- Martin Sally, Henry Shilling, & Ann Diedrick. (Rev. Giessendanner)

On Tuesday, January 27, 1751 - In Orangeburgh Church, .John Jacob Wymer to Anne Diedrick, both of Orangeburgh Township. Present: Samuel Suther, John Jennings. &c. (Rev. Giessendanner)
Administered baptism to sick infant, b. this 21 Dec, 1756 viz: Ann Margaret, daughter of Jacob and Anne Wymer at the house of Peter Roth, born 21 December 1756 in Orangeburg Co SC; died 26 December, 1756 in Orangeburg Co SC at the plantation of Peter Roth. (Rev. Giessendanner)
(1758) On Thursday Novembr 30th died after a long and Lingering Disorder and on Friday Evening Decr 1st was enterred in Orangeburgh Church yard the Body of Anne, Wife of Jno. Jacob Wymer of Orangeburgh. Aged about 23 years. (Rev. Giessendanner)
Charleston Will Book RR 1767-1771, p. 298:
Will of Hans Dietrick. Hans Dietrick left his estate to his widow Anna. Residual legatees were :
Jacob Weimer late husband of my Grand Daughter Anna Dietrick, dec'd.
Ex: Peter Roth. Wit: Samuel Luther, George Frazler, John Endel.
Signed 15 May 1759, proven 3 Mar 1769.

    2. Margaret Diedricks ch. 9/14/1741 Orangeburg Co SC

Generation #3


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