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Generation #1

Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes. A detailed discussion of the many connections can be found at Lewis Family Research.

Richard "the  Immigrant" Long

Richard Long was born in about 1615 in Wiltshire, England. And in about 1640, Richard married an unknown spouse.

Richard immigrated with his family by 11/1653 to Gloucester Co VA where he is found in the Milford Haven (now Matthews Co VA) land grant. Richards personal circumstances back in England are not known. But, his date of immigration places him in the class of Adventurers and Cavaliers.

The first Long with a land grant was to Richard Long of Milford Haven, Glost. Co VA., who pat 430 acs 25 Nov 1653, and re-patens it after the Restoration .  The last ref to him in 1673 referred to him as Mr Richard Long, so he was at least a Vestryman by then. (Nugent, C&P I, p 251 et al.) One of his neighbors was a Thomas Morris.


    1. Jeremiah Long b. c. 1645 Wiltshire, England

    Other Long Immigrants

    x. John Long

Thomas Pettit [Sr.] of Farnham Parish, Rappahannock Co VA left a will dated 23 Sep 1663 and proved 7 Jan 1664, in which he mentions wife Katherine and daughter Dorothy. The original will, now lost, was recorded a second time at the request of Thomas Gaines on 11 Mar 1694. In 1667 Katherine married John Longe b. 10 Feb 1629 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England of King and Queen Co, and had Catherine Longe, born 1668. This marriage was short-lived and she next married Thomas Gaines in 1669, widow of Margaret Johnson, and had daughter Ann Gaines born in 1670.

    "Morris Family History," GenWeb page, <> 21 June 2013.

Nugent, Court & Probate II, p. 42:
The next pat. was by George Morris and John Long for 1600 acs. in Old Rappahannock Co. on 29 Sep 1667 on branches of "Maj .Andrew Gilson's Creek."

Nugent, Court &Probate III, p.84:
Later pats. show this to be in the Golden Vale  area. The pat. of Andrew Harrison, Richard Long and Samuel Elliott for 813+ acs on 26 Apr 1704, St. Mary's Par. the main run of the Golden Vale, may be close to, or the same land as John Long's half of the 1600 acre pat.

Fleet, Colonial VA Abstracts, vol 11, p. 9:
Lease and Release 8 and 11 Apr 1712.  Thomas Pettit of St. Stephen's Par. King and Queen Co. sells Robert Coleman of South Farnham Par. Essex Co. 486 acs in Essex Co. bounded by land of Robert and John Pleas and that of Capt. Richard Wyatt, this land being part of a patent granted Mr. George Morris and John Long on 27th Sep 1667.  It is also bordering the land of Katherine Long, now the wife of Capt. Richd. Wyatt, and was by deed of gift made by George Morris, transferred to Thomas Pettit and Katherine Long, the now wife of Capt. Richd. Wyatt.
Signed Tho. Pettit, Wit. Richard Buckner, Will. Young. Rec. 8 May 1712.

    y. Henry Long

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 6, pg 159
MR. JAMES HARRISON, JOHN BOWZEE; & ELIZ., MARGERETT, ANN& ELIN MOTT, the 4 Orphans of Mr. Geo. Mott; 9019 acs., on S. side of Rappa. Riv., about 6 mi. up the falls; 29 Nov. 1674, p. 546. Trans. of 180 pers: Henry Long.

Generation #2


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