Descendants of Ambrose Meador of Avon, England

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Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #2

Thomas (1Ambrose) Meador

Thomas Meador was born c. 1612 Bristol, Suffolk, England. In about 1635, Thomas married Sarah Meador b. c. 1615 in England.

Thomas and Sarah immigrated to Elizabeth City VA, arriving 6/1/1636. Their passage to Virginia was paid for by John Gater, presumably in exchange for head-right acreage. Thomas and Sarah settled in the lands which would eventually become Essex Co VA.

Thomas and Sarah lived the remainder of their lives on their plantation. Thomas died 6/6/1655 in Lancaster (now Essex) Co VA.

The Will of Thomas Meads/Meador
The last will and testament of Tho. Meads (Meador) made the 5th. day of March (54.) Imp nt. I do bequeath my body to the Earth & my soul to God that gave it. I do make my wife my sole & absolute Excr. I do give to my wife and Daughter Mary this planation that I now live upon and all the land on this side of the Creek, and the sd. plantation not to be my Daughter's 'till after my wife's decease. I do give to my two sons Thos. & John Meads all the land that is on the west side of the Creek provided that they pay unto my two Daughters Margaret & Joyce out of the s. land two thousand pounds of tob. & cask at their day of marriage, and in case eithre of the(m) die that the sd. tob. to belong to the survivor. I do give unto my wife & sons & my Daughters above mentioned all my goods and chattels after my debts are paid and that they shall be equally divided amongst them. I do give to my Daughter Anne all the cattle that belongeth to her which is about five head of cattle, and likewise I do give unto her one shilling in money. This is my last will and testament as witness my hand the day & year above written.
Witness                               Thomas Mead
Rawleigh Travers
John Richardson
Edward Bradshaw (by his mark)
pbat 6 da. Juny 1655

GRANTEE Meads, Thomas. grantee. DATE 7 September 1654. Location: County location not given. Grantee(s): Meads, Thomas, and John Phillips. Description: 1000 acres on the south side of the Freshes of Rappa: River about 16 Miles above Nanzemum Towne. Source: Land Office Patents No. 3, 1652-1655, p. 376 (Reel 2).


    1.  Susannah Meador b. c. 1636 Elizabeth City VA

    2. Thomas Meador, Jr.

    3. John Meador b. c. 1638 Elizabeth City VA

    4. Mary Meador b. c. 1641 Elizabeth City VA

    5. Margaret Meador b. c. 1642 Elizabeth City VA

    6. Joyce Meador b. 1644 Elizabeth City VA

    7. Ann Meador b. c. 1645 Elizabeth City VA

Generation #3


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