Descendants of Jean Louis of France

Generation #0

There is no proof that Lydia Frances Hutto is descended from this Lewis family. Connections between the Lydia Lewis who married Jacob Hutto, Jr. and this Lewis family are based solely on conjecture and are included here to stimulate further research.

Jean Louis of France (Conjecture)

Jean Louis was born in about 1635 in France. Jean was a Huguenot descendant of the original Welsh Lewis family. Forced to flee France after the Edict of Nantes in 1687, the family returned to their ancestral homeland in Radnorshire, Wales, where Jean Anglicized his name to John Lewis. Although not an immigrant to America, Jean Lewis of Wales is believed to be the progenitor of several lines of Lewises who settled Virginia and the Carolinas.

John's family were part of a larger migration of French Huguenots to Britain and Ireland. John Lewis is cited as having fought for William of Orange in nineteen battles and twenty-three sieges including the 1690 Battle of the Boyne in Ulster, Ireland.

On 13th August 1689 one of William III's most senior commanders, the Duke of Schomberg, brought twelve regiments of foot ashore at Ballyholme Bay in County Down. . .With his army augmented by fresh arrivals to nearly 20,000, including two battalions of Dutch infantry and four Huguenot regiments, Schomberg marched south to Newry early in September. . . .

    "Williamite Wars," BBC History Timelines, No date <> 19 February 2005.

After 1690 John, is found at the ancestral home in Wales where he was a noted soldier, attaining the rank of Colonel of the First Foot Guard.


    1. William Lewis I b. c. 1650 in France

    2. Andrew Lewis (grandfather of the Lewises of Bedford Co VA)

Generation #1


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