Descendants of Jan Gerritsen Decker
of New Amsterdam


Generation #1

Jan Gerritsen Decker of New Amstedam

Jan Gerritsen Decker was born about 1640 in Heerden, Gelderland, Dutch Republic. On 3/24/1662 Jan Gerritsen sailed from Amsterdam aboard de Trouw (The Faith), arriving in New Amsterdam on 6/12/1662.

On 6/7/1663 Wiltwyk (now Kingston) and the nearby "New Village" were attacked by Indians. And, eighteen settlers died and nine were taken prisoner. There is a distinct possibility that Jan and his future wife, Gretje Westercamp, were  among the captives taken. "Jan Gerritsen on Volckert’s bouwery" and one woman and three children from the household "of Grietje Westercamp" were listed as a captives.

On 3/23/1664 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Wiltwyck (now Kingston), Dutch America, Jan Gerritsen married Gretje Hendrickse Westercamp ch. 10/191642 Manhattan, Dutch America. Evidently, Gretje was the unwed mother of son Pieter Jacobsen, christened 10/1/1662 Wiltwyk (now Kingston), Dutch America. But, Jan married her anyway.

In 12/1670 Jan Gerrtisz is listed as a resident "whose lands are situated across the great kill." The great kill referenced is most probably Rondout Kill which flows north from the mountains to its confluence with the Hudson at Kingston NY. The "across" references the fact that Mombaccus/Mill Brook/Rochester Creek, a tributary of Rondout Kill crosses the Old Mine Road just the other side of Rochester. Evidently, the creek was an administrative boundary for the frontier lands south of Kingston.

Jan and Gretje appeared many times in subsequent years at church and in court actions. Jan Gerritsen died 4/5/1706 in Ulster Co NY.

de Trouw (The Faith)
Sailed from Amsterdam March 24, 1662
Arrived at New Amsterdam June 6, 1662
Captain Jan Jansen Bestevae
Jan Gerrits from Emden, labourer

Dutch Reformed Church, Wiltwyck NA:
1664 23 Mar; Jan Gerretsen, jm, of Heerden;
Grietjen Hendricks Westercamp, of New Amsterdam , both liv Kingston.
On Oct. 29, 1665, Jan Gerretsen Van Heerden and Matthew Blanchan, both residents of Wildwyck appeared before the town secretary, Mattheus Capito to record the sale of a cow. Jan bought the cow for 190 guilders, to be paid by March 1666.

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston NY: 7/25/1697

Parents Child Sponsors
Jurie Lootman
Annetje Tyssen
Witte Jan Gerritse Decker
Grietje Hendricks

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston NY: 8/24/1701

Parents Child Sponsors
Hermanus Decker
Rachel Montagne
Jan Jan Gerritsen Decker
Grietje Westercamp


    1. Gerrit Janse Decker ch. 2/14/1665 Kingston, Ulster Co NY

    2. Hendrick Decker

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co NY: 10/9/1667

Parents Child Sponsors
Jan Gerretsen
Grietjen Hendricks
Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1696 18 Dec; Hendrick Decker, jm, born Kingston;
Antje Quick, jd, born Kingston, both liv Mombaccus.

    3. Jacob Janse Decker

Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1695 02 Sep; Jacob Decker, jm;
Annetje Hendricks, jd, both liv Mombaccus.

    4. Herman Decker

Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1695 02 Sep; Hermanus Decker, jm;
Rachel De La Montagne, jd, both liv Mombaccus.

    5. Jan Gerritsz Decker

Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1722 01 Jul; Jan Dekker, jm, born Kingstown;
Hilletjen Kwik, jd, born Rochester .

Generation #2


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