Descendants of Peter Fry
of the Palatinate of the Rhine

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C)

Generation #2

Johannes Peter (1Peter) Fry of Pennsylvania

Johannes Peter Fry was born in 1723, probably in the Palatinate of the Rhine. On 9/3/1742, Johannes Peter immigrated with his family aboard the ship Loyal Judith to Philadelphia PA.

The Palatinate Migration Stream is the name given to the flood of ethnic Germans who fled the ethnic German lands from Switzerland and the many principalities along the Rhine River, arriving in America in the early 1700s. By 1750 the Duchy of Baden, the Palatinate of the Rhine, and Alsace--which is now France--had been ravaged, raised, and plundered by subsequent armies for two hundred years. [Palatinate Immigration]

With this late date of immigration, Johannes Peter would have pushed west toward the Pennsylvania frontier in search of lands on which to settle. Heading west to the frontier, the route was well established. It is reasonable to imagine Johannes Peter passing through Lancaster, then across the Susquehanna to York, then continuing south to Monocacy Creek before finding the space to establish his homestead on the frontier. Of note, Monocacy Creek which is in Frederick Co MD was the southern frontier of the ethnic German community based in York Co PA. [Great Wagon Road]

The question is, "Where did Johannes Peter settle?" Following the family migration to Licking Co OH, we find Johannes Peter and wife Sarah buried with several family members in Evans Cemetery, St Louisville OH. Then we can work backwards to where we find son Peter who appears in Loudoun Co VA at his wedding in 1796. That Peter is next found in the 1830 Census for Licking Co OH and is also buried in Evans Cemetery, St Louisville OH. Thus:

In about 1760, Johannes Peter married Sarah in Loudoun Co VA. They sojourned in Loudoun until about 1812 when they migrated to Ohio where grandson Henry Fry was born.

Exactly where Johannes Peter and Sarah lived in Ohio is unknown. But, they both died in 1819 and are buried with many family members in Evans Cemetery, Licking Co OH.

Foreigners imported in the Ship Loyal Judith,
James Cowie, Master, from Rotterdam.
Qualified September 3, 1742

  • #42. Peter Frey, 55
  • #60. Johannes Peter Frey, 19
Males  Born
# Fry  Females Born
# Fry
45+   1 J. Peter 45+  
25-44 1765 25-44 1765
16-25 1785 2 Peter
16-25 1785 2 Sarah Jacobs
10-15 1795 1 John 10-15 1795
to-10 1800 3 Unknown
to-10 1800 1 Unknown


    1. Peter Fry b. c. 1761 Loudoun Co VA

Generation #3


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