Descendants of Jeremias Hess of Lower Palatinate, Germany

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C.)

Generation #3

Jeremiah (2Johan Conrad, 1Jeremias) Hess of Northampton Co PA

Jeremiah Hess was born 11/19/1751 in Northampton Co PA. And in about 1774 in Northampton Co PA, Jeremiah married Susan Elizabeth Keller b. 1756 in Northampton Co PA. And, Jeremiah and Susan Elizabeth settled down, having their first eleven children.

As a young man, Jeremiah worked as a stone mason. Some researchers are concerned that Jeremiah did not initially own property in his own right. However with the size of his father's home and inn, Jeremiah would have lived at Lofty Oaks and ran a masonry shop or even the manor's smithy, working for his father.

From 1780 to 1782, Jeremiah is listed as a Lieutenant in the Northampton County Militia. Although there were no Revolutionary War battles in Northampton county, the militias of eastern Pennsylvania did provide material support to Washington's army in New Jersey.

In 1795 Jeremiah bought his first property consisting of 228 acres in Plainfield Township, Northampton County known as Hempfield. Upon his father's death, Jeremiah came into possession of two portions of his father's property, Lofty Oaks, in Williams Township. And in March of 1805, Jeremiah sold his inherited acreage. This marks Jeremiah's migration west to Luzerne Co PA.

By 4/1805, the family migrated west to Luzerne Co PA, just across the Susquehanna River, east of older brother, Johan William, who settled in Northumberland Co PA in about 1792. Of note, Johan William was truly a pioneer to the lands west of the Susquehanna. By the time Jeremiah migrated, the conditions would have been much easier.

On 11/19/1805, Susan Elizabeth died in Nescopeck TWP, Luzerne Co PA. With thirteen children, Jeremiah needed a wife. So in about 1806, Jeremiah married Susannah Boyer b. 12/26/1774 in Pennsylvania. 

Jeremiah died 10/24/1819 in Luzerne Co PA. And, much of his history is recorded in "A History of the Wapwallopen Region."

22 Jan 1782. Abraham Hess christened by Rev. John William Ingold;
Sponsors: Jeremias Hess and his wife Elizabeth.
Males Born
# Hess Females # Hess
18+   1 Jeremiah



Susan Elizabeth
Mary Magdalene

Anna Nancy
17- 1778 4 Jacob
William N.
Northampton Co PA Record:
Jeremiah Hess purchased 228 acres in Plainfield Township, known as Hempfield
Philadelphia County Will Book G, No. 73:
July 5, 1773. I, Johann Conrad Hess, of New Britain Twp. Buck Co. and Province of Pennsylvania. . .
My plantation lying in Williams Twp, Northampton Co., Pa., with all my money and household goods, I give to my beloved wife, Maria. . ..
I hereby name my children according to their ages: Anna, my daughter; John William my son; Maria, my daughter; Christian, my son; Johannes, my son; Jeremiah, my son [two portions of Johan Conrad's property known as Lofty Oaks]; Elizabeth, my daughter; and Frederick my youngest son. . .
I name my wife Maria and son William as Executors to execute my last will and testament. . .year of our Lord and Master 1773.
Johann Conrad Hess [Seal]; Witnesses: Jacob Ratzel George Schell
Northampton Co PA Records:
Jeremiah Hess sold his portions of the Lofty Oaks property.
Luzerne Co PA Records:
Jeremiah Hess of Nescopeck TWP, Luzerne Co PA. Sale of 228 acres in Plainfield TWP, Northampton Co PA.

Research Note: The Johan William Hess family migrated c. 1792 to Fishing/Coles Creek, Northumberland (now Columbia) Co PA. The Jeremiah Hess family migrated c. 1805 to the border of Northumberland and Luzerne Counties, settling in 6 different townships in 2 different counties. Analysis of church and cemetery locations allows us to identify where each family member lived:

Briar Creek TWP, Columbia Co PA

Salem/Huntington TWP, Luzerne Co PA

2. John Hess bur. Briar Creek Cemetery
6. Susannah Knorr bur. Hidlay Cemetery
3. Mary Magdalene Stout bur. Licking Co OH
9. Jeremiah Hess, Jr. bur. Beach Haven Cemetery
12. Margaret Berger bur. Licking Co OH
13. Lydia Walp bur. Briar Creek Cemetery

Susquehanna River

Mifflin TWP, Columbia Co PA

Nescopeck/ Hollenback TWP, Luzerne Co PA

4. Abraham Hess bur. Mifflin Cemetery a. Jeremiah Hess, Sr. bur. Old River Cemetery
1. Jacob Hess bur. Old River Cemetery
7. Elizabeth Readler bur Old River Cemetery
8. William Hess bur. Old River Cemetery
10. Rachael Harter bur. Old River Cemetery
11. Maria Snyder bur. Old River Cemetery
14. Philip Hess bur. Drums Community Cemetery
15. Sarah Raber bur. Mount Zion Cemetery


5. Anna Nancy Bauer bur. Arndts and Messinger Cemetery, Northampton Co PA

    Children with Susan Elizabeth Keller

Note: 3 Hess siblings married 3 Knorr siblings.

    1. Jacob Hess

    2. John Hess

    3. Mary Magdalene Hess b. 3/23/1780 Northampton Co PA

    4. Abraham Hess

    5. Anna Nancy Hess

    6. Susanna Hess

    7. Elizabeth Hess

    8. William Hess

    9 Jeremiah Hess, Jr.

    10. Rachael Hess

    11. Maria Hess

Wapwallopen Union Reformed & Lutheran Church (Old River Church)
Parents - Conrad Snyder & Maria, nee Hess
Child - Susanna
Born - May 29, 1816
Bapt - June 1, 1816 
Sponsors - Jeremias Hess & frau Susanna

    "Wapwallopen Union Reformed & Lutheran Church," PA GenWeb <> 27 November 2014.

    12. Margaret Hess

    13. Lydia Hess

    Children with Susannah Boyer

    14. Philip Hess

    15. Sarah Hess

    16. Isaac Hess b. c. 1811 Luzerne Co PA

Generation #4


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