Descendants of Stout of Pennsylvania

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C)

Generation #0

Joseph (0Isaac, 0Research) Stout of Pennsylvania

Gen #1: Isaac Stout

Stout Isaac 94 324 pg317.txt Williams Township
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Gen #2: Christian Stout

The quota of Northampton towards the formation of the Flying Camp was three hundred and forty-six, of which number, it is said, two hundred came from the territory now comprised in Lehigh (though that estimate is probably too high). We learn from the Bethlehem Diary that on the 80th of July, 1776, one hundred and twenty recruits from Allentown and vicinity passed through that place on their way to the " Flying Camp in the Jerseys. Some of these men joined the company of Capt. John Arndt, of Baxter's battalion, which early in August joined Washington's army on Long Island, and participated in the battle which ensued there on the 27th of that month, and which resulted so disastrously to the colonial troops. The company suffered severely in this engagement, and also in that at Fort Washington, Nov. 16, 1776. Following is the roll of the company as taken at Elizabethtown the day after the battle:.
Capt. John Arndt. 
Robert Scott. 
Elijah Crawford. 
Daniel Lewis. 
John Middagh. 
John McFerren. 
Eobert Lyle. 
Jacob Wagner. 
Samuel McCracken. 
Henry Fatzinger. 
Michael Kehler. 
Henry Wolf, Jr. 
Isaac Shoemaker. 
Daniel Sehler. 
Christian Stout. 
Benjamin Depui. 
2d Lieut.  Peter Kichline. 
Philip Arndt. 
Peter Richter. 
Jacob Kichline. 
Privates,  Alexander Sylleman. 
Henry Onangst. 
Adam Yohe. 
James Ferrill. 
Conrad Smith. 
George Essig. 
John Keatler. 
Valentine Yeut. 
Michael Diet. 
John Yent. 
James Symonton. 
Jacob Miller. 
Michael Kress. 
Names and rank of those killed or taken prisoners on Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776 : 
Andrew Heister. 
Thomas Sybert. 
Jacob Dufford. 
Richard Overfield. 
Joseph Stout. 
Jacob Weidkneoht. 
Martin Derr. 
George Fry. 
Matthias Steittinger. 
Henry Bush, Sr. 
Peter Beyer.
Andrew Keifer. 
Peter Kern. 
Anthony Frutcby. 
Peter Lehr. 
Philip Bosh. 
Peter Fress. 
Barnet Miller, 
Abraham Peter. 
John Harpel. 
Lawrence Erb.
    "Raising the Troops," History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, (1884)  <> 27 November 2014

Gen #2 Joseph Stout

Joseph had two sons when he joined the Flying Camp in 1776.
his sister Catherine Barbara and his sister Maria Elizabeth.
Joseph and his brother, Christian, were members of Colonel Kichlein's Flying Camp in the American Revolution.  

7/13/1776 Enlisted in Captain John Arndt's Company, Colonel Baxter's Battalion, Colonel Kichlein's Flying Camp of Pennsylvania Continental Line: PVT Joseph Stout
Elizabeth Town PA Record:
Those killed or taken at Long Island, August 27, 1776:
PVT Joseph Stout


    1. John Stout

    2. Christian Stout b. 6/10/1776 Northampton Co PA

Generation #1


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