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Generation #0

Christian/George/Jacob Weaver of Pennsylvania (Conjecture)

1.    Christian Weber of Colebrookdale [Perkiomen and Skippack Twp] Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co PA

Christian Weber was born in about 1700. This Christian Weber is not the one who immigrated 8/26/1735; nor is he a member of the Herr/Kendig/Bowman/Weber Family of Pequea Creek and Weber Thal in Lancaster Co PA.

Current research focuses on the Christian Weber who signed the Colebrookdale Petition on 5/10/1728. Colebrookdale is another name for the community which grew up at the headwaters of Perkiomen Creek in the vicinity of Boyertown, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co PA. Although the majority of Palatinates immigrated through the port of Philadelphia, an estimated 50% of Palatinate Immigrants to New York are believed to have migrated through the "back door" down the Delaware River from New York to the vicinity of Germantown PA.

A number of these New York Palatinates originally settled along Skippack Creek west of Germantown. Jost Hite, the Baron of the Shenandoah Valley, was one of these New York Palatinates as was Gerhardt Clemens, another Swiss Anabaptist:

"Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 1709":
A list of all the poor Germans lately come over from the Palatinate to this kingdom taken in St. Catherine's the sixth May 1709. First Arrivals: 
Clemens, Gerhard , age 28; married and wife living; son age 5, son age 1 1/2; the family belonged to the Baptist Church. Listed under occupation 'husbandmen, weaver and vinedressers'
Emigrated from the Palatinate on the Rhine 1709 arriving in New York 1709, probably March.
From New York, Gerhardt and family moved on to Germantown, Philadelphia 10 Oct. 1709. A warrant granted Sept. 10, 1717 to David Powell, of Philadelphia, for 3000 acres of land, to be located between the ' Skepeck" and 'Parkyooman'. ...and from it 690 acres, located on the Northeast Branch, were sold to Gerhart Clemens on February 14th. 1718.

Perhaps because of cheaper land, many of these families packed up and moved to Perkiomen Creek, the next valley to the west. It is there that inhabitants from the immediate vicinity of Colebrookdale petitioned the government of the Pennsylvania Colony for relief from Indian attacks. In the petition, the locales of Falkners Swamp [New Hanover] and Coshapopin [Goshenhoppen/Salford] are mentioned. Falkners Swamp, located at the headwaters of Swamp Creek, and Goshenhoppen are only a few miles from Swenksville where Jost Hite had his mill..

In January of 1730, Jost Hite sold his holdings in Pennsylvania, using the proceeds to speculate in 140,000 acres of new land in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. One of the stipulations in his contract was to bring one new settler per thousand acres to his tract within two years. And in the Fall of 1731, Jost Hite in the company of sixteen families migrated south to Virginia. Did this Christian Weber or his descendants migrate in the company of Jost Hite to Orange Dist. (now Frederick Co) VA in 1731? 

By 1734, Christian Weber no longer appears in the Tax List for Colebrook Dale District, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co PA.

1734 List of Landholders and Acreage: Parkiomen and Skippake Twp 

John Umstead, 150 
Herman Umstead, 100 
Henry Pennebaker, 150 
Henry Umstead, 100 
Peter Bunn, 100 
Herman Kuster, 150 
Claus Johnson, 150 
Mathias Tyson, 200 
Anthony Hallman, 100 
John Newberry, 500 
Hupert Cassel, 60 
Yillus Cassel, 90 
George Merkle, 150 
Garret Indehoffen, 200 
Abraham Swartz, 100 
Jacob Updegraff, 100 
Jacob Shimer, 100 
Paul Fried, 100 
Peter Janson, 150 
Michael Ziegler, 100 
Jacob Kolb, 150 
Peter Kolb, 100 
Martin Kolb, 200 
John Fried, 100 
Henry Dentlinger, 100 
Jacob Merkle, 200 
Benjamin Fry, 100 
Henry Pawling, Jr., 1200 
Paul Fried, Jr., 100 
Hans Detwiler, 100 
Mathias Janson, 50 
Dubois estate, 400 
Richard Jacobs, 400 
Nicholas Hicks, 100 
Valentine Hunsicker, 100 
William Wierman, 125 
Johannes Vanfussen 50 
Leonard Vanfussen, 25 
Peter Pennebaker, 100 
Arnold Vanfussen, 50 
Hans Hyzer, 100 
John Zibbers, 150.
Petition of the Inhabitants of Colebrookdale [Perkiomen Creek Settlement, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co PA]- 
[Pennsylvania Archives, 1664-1747, Page 213.]
To His Excellency Patrick Gordon Esqr., Governor Generall in Chief over the Province of pencilvania, and the Territoris thereunto Belonging, Benbrenors [Van Bebber's] township and the Adjacences Beloinging May ye 10th 1728.
We think It fit to address your Excellency for Relief, for your Excellency must knowe That we have Suffered and is like to sufer By the Ingians, they have fell upon ye Back Inhabitors about falkners Swamp [New Hanover], & near Coshapopin [Salford]. Therefore, we the humbel Petitioners, With our poor Wives & Children Do humbly Beg of your Excellency To Take It into Consideration and Relieve us the Petitioners hereof, Whos Lives Lies At Stake With us and our poor Wives & Children that is more to us than Life. Therefore, We the humble Petitioners hereof, Do Desire An Answer from your Excellency by ye Bearer With Speed, so no more at present from your poor afflicted People Whose names are here Subscribed.

John Roberts, Jn. Pawling, Henry Pannebeckers, W. Lane, John Jacobs, _______ D. Bais, Israell Morris, Benjamine fry, Jacob opdengraef, Richard Adams, George Poger, Adam Sollom, Dirtman Kolb, Gabriel Showler, Anthony halmon, John Isaac Rlein, Hanss Detweiler, William Bitts, Heinrich Rutt, Hubburt Castle, Henry Rentlinger, Christian Weber, Gerhart de hesse, Lorentz Cinzamore, Richard Jacob, Herman Rubert, Peter Bun, Jacob Cugnred, Christian Nighswanger, Conrad Cresson, Jacob Kolb, Hans Wolly Borgy, John Mier, Henrich Kolb, John Frot, Paul Frot, Wm. Smith, Peter Rambo, David Young, Christopher Schmit, Garrett Clemens, Mathias Tyson, Peter Johnson, Yost Hyt, Christian Aliback, Hans Rife, Daniel Stowfard, Abraham Schwartz, Johann Valentine Kratz, John Johnson, Ulrich Heffelfinger, Nicholas Haldeman, Michael Ziegler, Christian Stoner, Johannes Garber, John Haldeman, Claus Jansen, Nicholas Hicks, Johannes Leisher, Jacob Sheimer, Michael Krause, Peter Reiff, George Reiff, George Meyer, Bastian Smith, Edward In de Hoffen, Christian Kroll, Jacob Grater, Jacob Stauffer, Henry Stauffer, and Paul Friedt Jr.

2.    John George Weber of Tulpehocken Twp Lancaster (now Berks) Co PA

St. Andrew
Captain: John Stedman
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 27 Oct 1738
Johann George Weber

Snow Enterprise
A List of Passengers on board ye Snow Enterprise
Lyonell Wood, Commander
Qualified Dec. 6, 1738
Jno George Weber

Carlisle, Schoharie County, November 20, 1823
"Conradt Wiser after his return, soon persuaded a great many to leave Schoharie, and seek an asylum under the great William Penn. [1723] They marched from Schoharie, a southwest direction, for the Susquehannah, with an Indian guide, together with their cattle and families, where they arrived in a five day's journey, at a place called Cookhouse. There they made canoes, so navigated their families down by water: their cattle followed by land all along the shore, until they arrived in Pennsylvania, at a place called Tolpelrahen. There they all settled on a large brook, called in the German Muehlback, in the English Milbrook, where some of their descendants dwell unto this day. Here I must remark a curious instance, namely: twelve of their horses run away, and in 18 months after, ten of them arrived in good health and strength in Schoharie, a distance no less than 300 miles."

And in an even later work, Rev. Richards writes: "Before the erection of Berks County, in 1752, the township of Tulpehocken was a recognized division, being a part of Lancaster County in 1729. Because of its great size, in 1734, another township was laid off from it and erected, called "Heidelberg" to commemorate that part of the fatherland from whence many of the settlers came. The early inhabitants, therefore, of the old Townships of Heidelberg and Tulpehocken, were composed, mainly (though not entirely) of the immigrants from New York Province.

George Weaver
WEBER, JOHN GEORGE (Tulpe.) [Reading]
Weber, John Adam, b 01 14 1746; bap 02 16 1746, Spon. John Adam Weber & Barbara Jaeger  

Marriage - 1746 12 21 Weber, John Adam - Jaeger, Barbara (Tulpe.) 

3.    Jacob Weber of Lebanon Twp 

Finally, about the middle of October, the "Globe" was ready to cross the Atlantic with the first Palatine refugees on board, a voyage of no less consequence to the colonization of the future American Republic than that of the "Mayflower" 88 years before. . .

On such a quest Kocherthal and his compatriots crossed the mighty ocean. For eleven long weeks the "Globe" was at the mercy of wind and wave. Yet the Palatines were comforted and encouraged by good Captain Congreve and their faithful pastor. The latter preached to them and administered the sacrament. He baptized the babies who were born on board ship. He counseled with Governor Lovelace concerning the administration of the future colony and the division of the land. In this official the Palatines possessed a warm friend.

At last the shores of America were sighted and the "Globe" sailed into the harbor of New York. Then, after casting anchor off Manhattan Island so that the new governor might land and attend to certain formalities the little ship entered the mouth of the river discovered by Hendrick Hudson a century before. For sixty miles the voyage continued up the lordly stream, the first signs of Winter already visible on both banks. With the close of the year their arduous sea journey also drew to its close. On New Year's Day, 1709, the vessel anchored at the confluence, of Quassaic Creek with the river, a pleasant site on the western shore. Here Kocherthal and 53 emigrants, including his wife, Sibylla Charlotta, and their three children, landed.. . . . 

    Joshua von Kocherthal, "The Book of Names, Especially Relating to the Early Palatines. . ." <> 8/27/2018.

The Globe:
Departed 10/1708
Arrived at New York City
Disembarked 1/1/1709 at Newburgh, NY

Jacob Weber, Husbandman, married male age 30
Anna Elisabetha Weberin, wife age 25
Eva Maria Weberin, female child age 5
Eva Elisabetha Weberin, female child age 1

In the year 1710, Rev. Justus Falckner, Pastor of the Dutch Lutherans baptized in my absence the following in this province:
In the colony on the Quasaic Kill:
April 19th: Johannes, child of Jacob and Anna Elisabetha WEBER: sponsors: Michael WEIGAND and his wife Anna Catharina.

WEBER, CASPER (Swatara) 
Weber, John Adam, b 01 02 1752; bap 01 07 1752, Spon. Wendel Heyl & wife Anna 
Weber, Maria Catarina, b 11 25 1759; bap 12 23 1759, Spon. Peter Felten & wife 

MEYLY, MARTIN JR., (Lebanon)
Meyly, Anna Sabina, b. 04 17 176O; bap 05 25 1760, Spon. Jacob Weber & Anna Sabina Meyly.

WEBER, JACOB & wife Anna Maria, (Lebanon) 
Weber, Maria Catarina, b 12 26 1766; bap 01 11 1767, Spon. Heinrich Boeckle & wife.

WEAVER, JACOB Lebanon Twp. October 10, 1776 December 6, 1776 
Wife: Margaret Weaver. Children: Jacob, Catharine, Barbara and John. Ex.: Peter Fisher and Henry Light.

WEBER, Elisabeth (b. 1725) died last Friday, Amity Twp., this county. Widow of Jacob Weber, who died a long time ago. She was in her 91st year.--Sept 17, 1816 edition

Hans George Weber: Generation #1


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