Descendants of Hendrick Westercamp
of New Amsterdam


Generation #1

Hendrick Jansz Westercamp of New Amsterdam

Hendrick Jansz Westercamp was born in about 1610 in the Dutch Republic. In about 1640, Hendrick married Femmetje Alberts (van Norden) b. c. 1614 in the Dutch Republic.

Hendrick and Femmetje immigrated to Manhattan, New Amsterdam, by 1642 and are first found in the colony's records on 10/19/1642 at the christening of daughter Gretje. 

Hendrick and Femmetje migrated in about 1648 to the Ft. Orange (now Albany) area of New York. Hendrick died before 9/1654 at Ft. Orange (now Albany NY).

In 1661 Femmetje and her daughter relocated to the Esopus settlement (now Kingston NY) area  where she last appears in court records in 2/1667.

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan, New Amsterdam: 10/19/1642

Parents Child Sponsors
Hendrick Westercamp
Backer (Baker)
Margariet Jillis Pieterszen, Mr. Timmer
Philip Gerritszen, Engel Mans
Tryntie Pieters

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan, New Amsterdam: 12/26/1647

Parents Child Sponsors
Cornelis Theuniszen Grietie (twin) Jan Evertszen Bout, Joost Theuniszen
Hendrick Westercamp, Femmetje Alberts
Grietie Harmens
Manhattan NA Record:
Hendrick Jansz received permission on April 2, 1648, to seek a living in the colony by day labor or otherwise.
Manhattan NA Record:
In accordance with a resolution of April 1, 1650, Hendrick Jansz was granted the garden between the first and second creeks formerly occupied by Capitaijn Willem Juriaensz, the baker.
The Minutes of the Court of Fort Orange & Beverwyck, v.  I, p. 182:
Sep 1654. Andryes Herpertsen, plaintiff, against Femmetgen Westerkamp, widow of Hendrick Jansz Westertkamp, deceased, defendant.
The plaintiff demands that the defendant's daughter serve out and fulfill her term of service according to her promise and contract. The defendant requests (permission) to take away her daughter in accordance with promise which she made her deceased husband on his deathbed, unless the plaintiff's contract be held valid.
Wiltwyck (now Kingston NY) Record:
12/29/1665. Femmetie Alberts vs. Willemtie Alberts (Westercamp) and Gretje Westercamp
The Court Minutes of Esopus p. 333,
12 - 22 Feb 1667. Femmetie Alberts requests that the judgment, dated Jan. 15/25 last. against Juriaen Westphael may be judicially enforced. The officer is ordered to proceed with the execution.


    1. Gretje Hendricksen Westercamp ch. 10/19/1642 Manhattan, New Amsterdam

    2. Willemtie Alberts (Westercamp) (Unknown relationship yet to be proven)

12/29/1665 Kingston, NY: 
Femmetie Alberts vs. Willemtie Alberts (Westercamp) and Gretje Westercamp

Generation #2


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