Carter Family of North Carolina

Enoch Carter of Jackson Co TN

After exhaustive research, I find that Enoch Carter is not a descendant of the Carter Family of Fort Blackmore, Virginia as previously reported. New information leads to the belief that Enoch is a descendant of the Nathaniel Carter Family of Dublin, Ireland, then Chester Co PA then Orange Co NC.

Enoch was born c. 1767, probably in Orange Co NC. And, the Carters were originally Irish Quakers. As the Wilkinson family's migration parallels the Carter family's migration, it is reasonable to believe that Enoch's father was a friend of the Wilkinsons, and their children's marriage was the natural result.

What we do know about Enoch is that he married, lived with, and/or had relations with several women with whom he had many children.

Enoch married someone named Polly, maybe Polly Parker. Enoch and Polly are believed to have migrated to Tennessee by 1792.

On 2/27/1794 in Greene Co TN, Enoch married Susannah Wilkinson b. c. 1775 Orange Co NC, daughter of Samuel Wilkinson of Caswell Co NC. Enoch is important to this research; as he was named as an heir to the estate of Francis Wilkinson of Russell Co VA. But, Enoch and Susannah's marriage did not survive.

By 1/1805. Enoch migrated to Jackson Co TN. Sometime later, Susannah left and went back to live on the family property in Russell Co VA. In 1810,  Enoch is found living with Caty Pharris, widow of William Pharris. But the relationship with Caty also would not last. By 1820 Enoch is found living with new wife, Polly Shuard, and Caty is found in an adjacent household along with dependant children. Enoch is last found enumerated in the 1840 Jackson Co TN Census, age 70 to 80. Enoch died after 7/1842 in Jackson Co TN.

Enoch Carter m. Susan Wilkinson-Feb.27,1794, Greene Co. TN.
William Wilkinson was the bondsman. Daniel Rawlings dcc
Taxable Returns of Captain Reese Gullock's Company for the year 1798:
Name Land White
Enoch Carter 83 1     25
RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOK 3 (1798 - 1806), p. 416:
November 30, 1798 between Stephen Woolsey of Green Co TN and Nathan Wilkinson, adm. William Wilkinson, Enoch Carter, Henry Grey & Thomas Wilkinson, heirs of Francis Wilkinson, decd...125 ac in the New Garden on Whitesides fork of Thompsons Creek, the waters of Clinch River...Beginning on the east side of a ridge near a of a ridge...Signed: Nathan Wilkinson, Enoch Carter, William Wilkinson, Henry Grey, Thomas Wilkinson by his atty William Wilkinson. Witnesses: John Wear, Sr. & John Wear, Jr.
Greene County Court of Common Pleas, 1797-1807:
Saturday, 27 April, 1799. Enoch Carter one of hands designated by court to work on road project Brasseley to Cocee Road .
Russell Co VA Deed Book 3 (1798-1806):
1803 Indenture from Nathan Wilkerson, William Wilkenson, Enoch Moore [Carter], Henry Grey & Thomas Wilkenson by atty William Wilkenson to Stephen Woolsey, certified by Daniel Kennedy, Clerk of Greene Co., TN, recorded, p. 262.
In the name of God Amen I William Pharris of county of Smith, State of Tennessee. . .
four hundred acres of land that my son William Pharris now lives on. I leave to be sold to discharge all just debts. . .the estate to be equally divided. 
Secondly I leave to my wife and five small children that now lives with her. Their names Nathan, Ruben, Elizabeth, Nancy and Hirem. . .This I leave to my wife during her living a single life until the said children come of age. . .their part this property and the increase is to be equally divided amongst them all when the youngest child comes of age and if my wife marries before the youngest child comes of age the property falls to my children.
Thirdly I give to my five oldest children, William, John, Samuel, James and Absolum. . .to be equally divided amongest them.
Lastly I appoint John Pharris and my wife Caty Pharris excutors to execute and administrate this my last will and testament signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the said William Pharris in presence of each other here to subscribe our names.
William Pharris SEAL
James Carter
Martin Traps
Susannah Carter

State of Tennessee, Smith County, Term 1805
This the written Last Will and Testament of William Pharris was duly Proven in open court by James Carter and Susannah Carter subscribing witnesses Thereto and order to be recorded S. Williams, Clerk.

Enoch Carter is on Jackson Co TN tax records in 1814, 1815...and other places.
"Nathan Pharris v Catherine Pharris and Enoch Carter," Chancery Court, Jackson Co TN
  • Testimony from Mary Lemons, who is identified as Enoch's sister
  • Lawsuit for misuse of the estate of William B. Pharris filed by William's son, Nathan
  • Susannah Carter was a witness to Williams Pharris' will in 1805
  • Enoch lived with William's second wife Catherine "Katy" Johnson Pharris.


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