Descendants of John Elleman, Sr. of England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #2

Dorcas (1John) Elleman of Pennsylvania

Dorcas Elleman was born 5/12/1728 in Goshen, Chester Co PA. And on 2/24/1746 at Goshen MM in Chester Co PA, Dorcas married Samuel Wilkinson b. c. 1720 Ballinacree, County Antrim, Ireland.

Dorcas and her family's migration from Goshen, Chester Co PA to Orange Co NC can be traced through records of Moses Embree who married Dorcas' sister, Margaret Elleman. In 1752 Moses and Margaret were married at Exeter MM in Berks Co PA. On 7/26/1753 Moses and Margaret were released by certificate to Cane Creek MM near Snow Camp, Orange (now Alamance) Co NC where they were received in 1754. On 6/2/1759 Samuel and Dorcas were also received at Cane Creek MM, Orange Co NC.

Unfortunately, this Cane Creek MM reception is the last record for Dorcas. Dorcas died in what is now Alamance Co NC sometime between 1759 and 1781 when Samuel wrote his will.

Ency of Quaker Genealogy, By Hinshaw
Cane Creek MM, Orange Co NC
1759,8,4. John (Elimon) roc.
1759,8,4. Mary (with h) & dt, Dinah, rocf Exeter MM.


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