Descendants of Thomas John of Wales

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Generation #2

Mary (1Thomas) John of Chester Co PA

Mary John was born 12/15/1706 in Wales. Mary and her family's circumstances are not known. As most of the family's records are found in Quaker records, reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that they were part of the migration stream of Welsh Quakers to Pennsylvania. And in about 1709, the John Family migrated to the Colony of Pennsylvania, a haven for Quakers.

On 3/25/1724 at Goshen MM in Chester Co PA, John Elleman b. 6/5/1696 Oxfordshire, England, posted bands to wed Mary. And, the marriage was performed on 3/25/1725.

The next record for the family is found in 1745 in Berne Twp, Lancaster (now Berks) Co PA where John Elleman was granted two acres to establish a Quaker Meeting House. John may have not moved his family until 1746 after the marriage of daughter Dorcas. Later John and family are cited attending Exeter MM in Exter Twp. And, this was the Meeting House where Daniel Boone and Abraham Lincoln's grandfather attended.

The family's migration from Pennsylvania to Orange Co NC can be traced through records of Moses Embree who married daughter Margaret. In 1752 Moses and Margaret were married at Exeter MM in Berks Co PA. On 7/26/1753 they were released by certificate to Cane Creek MM near Snow Camp, Orange (now Alamance) Co NC where they were received in 1754. Family migration was the rule as opposed to the exception. It is reasonable to believe that the Elleman Family migrated either in the company of or directly following Moses Embree to Orange Co NC. And, John and Mary were received at Cane Creek MM which is near Snow Camp, Orange (now Alamance) Co NC.

The family next migrated by 6/3/1769 to Bush River, Newberry Co SC where they were received at Bush River MM. John and Mary lived the remainder of their lives in Newberry Co SC where Mary died on 4/29/1787. And, Mary is buried in the Quaker cemetery.

Marriage intentions are found in Goshen MM, Pa. twelfth month, 25th day, 1724, for John Elleman and Mary John
Whereas John Griffith of the township of Uwchlan in the County of Chester, in the Province of Pennsylvania, and Mary John the daughter of Samuel John of Uwchlan of aforesaid having declared their intentions of marriage before several monthly meetings, of the people called Quakers, held at Goshen in the said County. . .
Witnesses: John Elemen, Mary Elemen, Samuel John, Margaret John, Griffith John, William John, Eleanor John, Evan John, Joshua John. . . .
In 1745, Berne Township, Lancaster (now Berks) Co. Pa. the propropataries granted two acre s of land to John Ellyman for use of a congregation called Quakers.
Friends Meeting House [Exeter MM]:
Deeded by George Boone, Jr. on December 24, 1736 for the sum of twenty shillings. In 1784, John Lee who purchased the George Boone Jr. farm, deeded one-quarter acre of land to be used for burials. The cemetery was filled with graves and in 1818 was filled with ground to allow more burials on top of existing graves.
Ency of Quaker Genealogy, By Hinshaw
Cane Creek MM, Orange Co NC
1759,8,4. John (Elimon) roc.
1759,8,4. Mary (with h) & dt, Dinah, rocf Exeter MM.
Ency of Quaker Genealogy, By Hinshaw
Cane Creek MM, Orange Co NC
1769,6,3. Eliman, Mary (with h) gct Fredericksburg


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