Descendants of Nicholas Lambrecht of Flanders

Flanders (c. 1660-1793)

Generation #1

Nicholas Lambrecht of Flanders (now Belgium)

Beginning in about 1660, the Kingdom of France under the young King Louis XIV began seizing portions of the Spanish Netherlands one piece at a time. In an effort to balance the strength of France, England, the Dutch Republic, and Austria formed an alliance against France. After the defeat of Louis XIVs forces by the Duke of Marlboro, the Peace of Utrech (1713) separated Spain from its empire, resulting in the annexation of the Spanish Netherlands (Flanders) by the Hapsburgs of the Holy Roman Empire [HRE] (1713-1792).

The period beginning in 1660 and lasting through 1792 has been described as a period of decline in Flanders. Reportedly, everything of value which wasn't nailed down was systematically shipped off to Spain and then France and then Austria. As the material wealth of Flanders was shipped out, the most valuable asset, the people, also took their leave. And, Nicholas Lambright was one who left Flanders for America.

The actual history for this family is not known. According to previously published materials, Nicholas Lambrecht was born 1741 in Flanders in what was then the Spanish Netherlands. Nicholas was probably a French Huguenot and therefore likely to ex-migrate from the predominantly Catholic Spanish Netherlands. Subsequently, Nicholas immigrated to Caroline Co VA sometime before 1762 where he Americanized the spelling of his surname to Lambright. And in 1762 in Caroline Co VA, Nicholas married Martha Coleman b. 1744 in Spotsylvania Co VA.

The first record for Nicholas is found in the Size Rolls for the Virginia Continental Line. In 6/1781, Nicholas enlisted at age forty and is cited as born in Pennsylvania and residing in Culpeper Co VA. Therefore, the previous information is dubious.

Reportedly, Nicholas and Martha lived the remainder of their lives in Caroline Co VA where Nicholas died in 1804.

Virginia Continental Size Roll:
Nicholas Lambright, age 40, 5' 5 3/4"; dark hair, hazel eyes, dark complexion, no particular marks or features listed.
Occupation -planter, place of residence - Culpepper County, Virginia. Born in Pennsylvania. Engaged as a substitute soldier in Culpepper 19 June 1781, for the War. No former service listed.
"Index to Revolutionary War Service Records, Vol. III." 
by Virgil D. White.
Lambright, Nicolas, served as PVT. in Virginia troops.
Card #5691 30.
Register of certificates by paymaster John Pierce
for Revolutionary War Service:
Cert. #  To Whom                Amount
79401    Lambright, Nicholas   $123.30
79402    Lambright, Nicholas     $7.80

Resolved, That colonel Armand make return to the board of war of the recruits he shall enlist; and in such returns, the places of nativity and settlement, and state where they were enlisted, shall be particularly mentioned: and the board is hereby directed to transmit to the respective states the names and number of such persons, inhabitants thereof, as shall be enlisted. War Office.
Pursuant to the foregoing resolutions, the following return was made to Virginia, to wit: A return of men belonging to the State of Virginia, who served in the first partisan legion commanded by Brigadier General Armand, Marquis de la Rouerie, discharged November 15, 1783.
Memorandum. - All the men whose names are in this return (except the drafted men), are entitled to 200 acres of land from Virginia - and all whose names are followed by the letter "e", are entitled to 100 acres of land from the United States, and were so reported to congress at its session of 1827-28. They whose names are not marked as above, are also believed to be entitled to land from the United States, if they have not already received it.
#213 Nicholas Lambright, Private - 200 acres of land from Virginia.

    Virginia Army and Navy Forces with Bounty Land Warrants for Virginia Military District of Ohio, and Virginia Military Scrip. Federal and State Archives. Armand's Corps, Bounty Land Warrants, p 183.


    1. Benjamin Lambright b. 1763 Caroline Co VA

    2. George Lambright b. 4/1765 Caroline Co VA

Generation #2


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