Descendants of Thomas Newton of England

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Generation #1

Thomas Newton of England

Thomas Newton was born in about 1635 in England. And in about 1660 in England, Thomas married Sarah Pritchett b. c. 1640 in England.

Sometime before 2/1666, the family immigrated to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This date is set from a 2/1685 Dorchester Co MD deed where son Edward transferred land originally deeded to Thomas. This deed shows the original date as 2/9/1665.

Thomas and Sarah lived the remainder of their lives in what would become Dorchester Co MD. Thomas reportedly died before 11/6/1679 in Dorchester Co MD. From an 11/1679 land grant, we learn that Sarah married secondly William Mills b. c. 1635 in Dorchester Co MD. And, Sarah died in 1702.

Deeds of Dorchester County, Maryland
February 1685. Edward Newton, son and heir of Thomas Newton, deeded land with wife Margrett "under age when Indenture was drawn but now 21 years of age, acknowledged deed February 9, 1665/66."
In 1671, Thomas Newton and Samuel Pritchett were named in a Will of James Selby of Dorchester Co MD.
1678-79 Sarah Newton was exec of a Will of Samuel Pritchett in Dorchester Co MD.
The land records show in 1679, William Mills of Dorchester, inter-married with Sarah Newton, executrix of Samuel Pritchett, deceased, came and was allowed 50 acres of land for "transporting himself" to Maryland.


    1. Edward Newton b. c. 1660 in England

    2. Samuel Newton b. c. 1662 in England

    3. Elizabeth Newton

    4. John Newton b. c. 1666 Eastern Shore, Maryland

    5. Thomas Newton b. c. 1668 Dorchester Co MD

    6. Sarah Newton b. c. 1670 Dorchester Co MD

Generation #2


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