My World Travels:
Where I've Been

Tacoma, Washington

In 1976, I joined the U.S. Army; and after completion of training, I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, southeast of Tacoma. What was a Southerner doing up there?

On the left is a scene from Commencement Bay looking toward Mt. Rainier.
In the center is an evening view of the Narrows Bridge that spans the inlet between Tacoma and the Olympic Peninsula at Point Defiance Park.
On the right is a view of Mt. Rainier. I was stationed at Ft. Lewis for probably a month before I ever saw the mountain. To say that it rains a lot in Tacoma is an understatement. However when I finally saw it, I was amazed.

Side Trips from Tacoma

Baumholder, Federal Republic of German

In 1980, having reenlisted and being eligible for reassignment, I wound up in Baumholder, FRG.

On the left is Frauenburg Castle. During a training mission for the Special Forces school in Bad Tolz, we practiced repelling off of the battlements. The locals got pretty mad.
In the center is Birkenfeld Castle. During a training mission for the Nijmegan Walk in Holland--I was pulled out of the team for another assignment--we force-marched daily down from Baumholder to Birkenfeld and back. The castle is a traditional "Berg," a fortified Medieval city.
On the right is a relatively new photo that shows the City of Baumholder at the bottom of the hill from the kaserne.

Side Trips from Baumholder

New Castle, Delaware

In 1983 I was involuntarily selected for Recruiting Command. I eventually wound up in Delaware.

On the left is a photo of the cherry blossoms in downtown Wilmington.
Center is a photo of homes that were built prior to the Revolutionary War. This is not a museum; people actually live in these houses.
On the right is a scene from the Delaware Tidelands in Fall.
And, below is a Robert Shaw paining of the colonial city of New Castle.

Side Trips from New Castle

Annville, Pennsylvania

In 1985 I was provided the opportunity to depart Recruiting Command and was fortunate to be reassigned to Ft. Indiantown Gap in Central Pennsylvania.

figcolors.jpg (18323 bytes)

On the left is a photograph of the Ft. Indiantown Gap deactivation ceremony In 1998.
On the right is the sign at the front gate, designating the fort as a training facility for the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Side Trips from Ft. Indiantown Gap

Columbus, Georgia

In 1986, the Army formed two new Light Infantry divisions--the 6th ID in Alaska and the 10th Mountain at Ft. Drum NY and Columbus GA. Lucky me, I had the opportunity to serve in both divisions. Because of an emergency request for personnel, mid-career soldiers were snatched up and reassigned to both divisions. I wound up at Ft. Benning which is just south of Columbus.

On the left is a photo of the blooms at Calloway Gardens.
Center is a waterfall at FDR State Park near Pine Mountain.
On the right is a photo looking across the Chattahoochie River towards Alabama.
Columbus Georgia

Side Trips from Ft. Benning

Anchorage, Alaska

In 1990 after four years in Georgia, I was reassigned to Ft. Richardson (6th ID) which is just north of Anchorage. I have to state that Cook Inlet and Metropolitan Anchorage comprise one of the most beautiful locales in the world. From a small hill on Ft. Richardson, you can see the Alaska Range as it wends down to the Pacific Ocean--including two active volcanoes--the Chugach Range due east of Anchorage, and the Talkeetna Mountains at the northern end of Cook Inlet. And if the geologic grandeur isn't enough, just stand still and watch moose, eagles, bear, and almost every kind of Sub-arctic fauna pass by. Upon arriving in Alaska, most people are so astounded that all the can do is say, "Oh! My!"

alaska-2.JPG (102358 bytes)

ak-moose.JPG (109446 bytes)

alaska-1.JPG (99575 bytes)

My dog and I at Beluga Point on
Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet.

Pictured is a moose, eating a tree in my front yard at Ft. Richardson.

My dog and I in Chugach State Park along Eagle River just before we saw the bear.

sllady.jpg (27246 bytes)

Sleeping Lady of the
Alaska Range (Summer)

Downtown Anchorage
(Chugach Mountains
in background)

Black Rapids Glacier
(Talkeetna Mountains)

Northern end of
Cook Inlet

Bird Point on Turnagain Arm
south of Anchorage
(Kenai Peninsula
in background)

Sleeping Lady as seen from across
Cook Inlet (Winter)

Alaska Scenes (Great Web Site)

Side Trips from Anchorage

Killeen, Texas

My wife, the pets, and I drove down the ALCAN Highway from Alaska, through Western Canada, and across the U.S. in a Subaru Loyale. After 4,400 miles, we arrived in Killeen TX, our last assignment.

On the left is the 1st Cav Division's Horse Platoon's poster.
Center is a photo of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Somebody dammed up a stream so that they would have somewhere to run around in their boat.
On the right is the Horse Platoon out on the Ft. Hood prairie.
And, below is the Horse Platoon charging in front of 1CD Headquarters. Killeen, Texas

Side Trips from Ft. Hood

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