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In 1986 the United States Armor Association began an Awards Program to honor the very best of America's tankers and troopers. The Saint George award program provides the mounted force with a way to recognize outstanding performers, their spouses (Order of Saint Joan D' Arc) and Armor Force supporters (Noble Patron of Armor).

Award Criteria for the Order of St. George

The Bronze Medallion

The United States Armor Association recognizes tankers or armored cavalrymen by awarding them with the Bronze Medallion. In order to qualify for this award, soldiers must be recognized as the very best at what they do. Nominations should take form of a letter which includes a military biography of the individual nominated. An Armor Colonel (O-6) in a position to evaluate the fitness of the nominee for the award may approve the nomination for the Bronze Medallion.

Note: I wasn't awarded one of these. Perhaps had I joined the Armor Association, I would have. The question is, "How many Infantrymen were ever First Sergeants of an Armored Cavalry Troop?" I think that distinction, alone, is merit enough.

Specific award criteria follows:
Be a member of Armor Association at the time of award approval.
For officers, demonstrate successful command of an armored or
mechanized unit.
For enlisted soldiers, demonstrate successful leadership as
a platoon sergeant, first sergeant, or command sergeant major.
For warrant officers, demonstrate superb tactical and technical
knowledge in an armored or mechanized unit.
Nominated by someone from the armor branch or career field
and who is a member of the association.
Approval for the award by the first armor colonel (O-6) in the
awardee's chain of command.

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The United States Armor Association - Awards

Order of St. Joan D'Arc Medallion

The United States Armor Association established the Order of St. Joan D'Arc Medallion to honor ladies who have voluntarily made significant contributions to the morale, welfare, and spirit of armor and cavalry units. Ladies associated with the Active, Reserve, or National Guard units are eligible. Retired individuals are also eligible.

Note: However, my wife was awarded the Order of St. Joan of Arc! One of my last days in 1-7 Cav, my wife and I were invited to an awards ceremony at a theater on Ft. Hood. I knew that I was receiving my second MSM; my wife had no idea that she would also be receiving an award. There in the theater, my wife, the only woman present surrounded by about 600 men of the squadron, was awarded her medal. That was a special day.

Specific award criteria follows:
A letter of nomination that details the nominee's significant
contributions. An endorsement from the first armor colonel (O-6)
in the chain of command, approving the award. For units
without an armor chain of command (separate units, ROTC,
staffs, etc.), an endorsement from the senior armor officer will
suffice .

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The United States Armor Association - Joan D' Arc Medallion

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