Weapons of the 1st Squadron,
7th Cavalry Regiment, 1CD

(as of 1996)

Garryowen's might and how we win the battle!

America's strength is through moral rightness and superior firepower.

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A stylized painting of the 1st Cav in action in Kuwait

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These are the Hunter/ Killers of the Cavalry


Air Cav Troops see the Enemy first and kill them at long range.

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A Kiowa Warrior loaded with
TOW anti-tank missiles

Kiowa Warrior firing a missile


Cav Scouts find the Enemy and forces them to deploy.

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M3A1 Bradley Scout Vehicle;

Bradley firing a TOW missile


Tanks utterly destroy the Enemy.

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M1A1 Abrams Tanks deploying

M1A1 ready to pounce


When the Enemy is fixed, Scouts call indirect fire to finish them off.

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Ground-mounted 120mm mortar firing.

M109 155mm Howitzer firing in support of the Cav.


And when operating independently, other units provide assistance.

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MLRS firing in support of Cav units.

"Linebacker" fires Stingers for Air Defense.


But when it comes down to the basics, Cavalry Scouts
and Infantry Soldiers are the "last word."

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Soldier firing an M4 Assault Rifle

Firing a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).

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m39-188.jpg (165822 bytes)

Soldier firing an M240B Machine Gun

Soldier firing an M39 40mm Grenade Launcher


And when you need him, the First Sergeant arrives with
food, ammunition, or an ambulance.

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M113A3 series Armored Personnel Carrier

Fiddler's Green

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