Individual Project
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The individual project is intended as a vehicle through which students can communicate effectively what they have learned from this unit. Students should be encouraged to develop applicable, multi-modal projects–physical or electronic presentations, original music, plays, oral recitations, original works of art. Utilizing copies of original documents, written accounts, and their own oral histories (stories), there is a wealth of information from which to start. Acknowledging that much of this information might not be accurate, the purpose of the individual project is not a factual history but an appreciation for the process of creating a history. Should any student not have access to his/her own family's documents, encouragement to develop a plausible, fictionalized migration history is appropriate. And lastly, the project should be fun.

Readings : Independent study is another option for the individual project. Readings (at level) and subsequent reports (oral or written) on these readings can develop further understanding and appreciation of the topics discussed