(BKI) Inventory
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1.         Why did migrants come to America?

a.         economic reasons
b.         they were forced to
c.         they followed friends and family
d.        all of the above

2.         When did the majority of migrants come to America?

a.         Colonial Period
b.         Pre Civil War
c.          Post Civil War
d.         Modern Era

3.         Which ethnic group comprises the largest immigrant population in Iowa?

a.         Germans
b.         Irish
c.         Italians
d.        African-Americans

4.         The majority of persons who migrated from Ireland to America before 1850 were

a.         Protestant
b.         Catholic
c.         wealthy farmers
d.        poor tenet farmers

5.         The Great Famine in Ireland occurred in the

a.         1830s
b.         1840s
c.         1860s
d.        1870s

6.         The Great Famine was caused by

a.         Government regulations
b.         a natural disaster
c.         poor farming practices
d.        all of the above

7.         ____________ Irish died and a similar number of Irish migrated because of the Great Famine, mostly to America.

a.         250,000
b.         500,000
c.         1,000,000
d.        1,500,000

8.         Which country sent food to aid the victims of famine in Ireland?

a.         England
d.          all of the above

9.         Do you consider yourself as a member of an immigrant group? Why?



10.       In your opinion, have immigrants contributed significantly to the development of America? If so, is this still true?