Vocabulary Exercise
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Each answer is worth 2 pts. (2 x 16=32 pts)

a. Migration:

_____  Origin of ethnic Irish

b. Immigration:

_____  Protestant settlers in Ireland

c. Circular migration:

_____  Permanently moving from another place

d. Coerced migration:

_____  Northernmost region of Ireland

e. Migration streams:

_____  Caused to permanently move with little or no choice

f. Celts:

_____  A reason to migrate

g. Ulster :

_____  A pattern of migration established over a period of time

h. Absentee landlord

_____  Early immigration facility in New York

i. Blight


j. Planters:

_____  A pattern of migration which includes returning after acquiring wealth

k. Mercantile System:

_____  Non-owners who worked the land

l. Tenant farmers:

_____  Permanently moving to another place

m. Castle Garden

_____  Business person

n. Naturalization

_____  Regular food source

o. Pull factor

_____  Using another's resources and selling them finished goods

p. Dietary staple

_____  Means of attaining citizenship


Extra credit (1 pt):
What term did you find most interesting? Why?