Lesson #5
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Other Migrants

Background and Rationale: 

This lesson concludes the first week of a unit which examines coerced Irish migration to Iowa for a grade 10-12 advanced placement, American Studies class. Discussions this week were on the causes of migration, Irish History, the causes of the Great Famine (c. 1845-1849),  and family migration to Iowa . During this lesson, students will apply conceptual knowledge of the topics discussed.

Why discuss other migrants? One of the overarching goals of this unit is to prompt students to investigate their own family migration stories to develop an appreciation for the contributions immigrants have made to American society.

Objectives and Procedures: 

(50 minute class period)

Given the following activities, the students will:

Discuss other migration histories
Understand the emotions experienced by Famine survivors through (DR-TA) reading of "The Proposal"
Demonstrate understanding of terms through a vocabulary exercise

Teaching strategies:

Student driven discussion of other immigration stories
Vocabulary building (practical exercise)
DR-TA exercise through in-class reading of the play "The Proposal"


Sequence of Events:

Minutes 1 through 5:
Administrative functions (attendance)

Minutes 5 through 10:
Student driven discussion of other immigration stories.
(This is designed to prompt students to develop their own migration stories which are necessary for completion of the individual project.)

Minutes 10 through 15:
Pass out vocabulary exercise

Minutes 15 through 20:
Completion of vocabulary exercise

Minutes 20 through 25:
Introduction of DR-TA and "The Proposal"

Minutes 25 through 30:
In-class reading of "The Proposal" (Act 1)

Minutes 30 through 35:
Discussion of "The Proposal" (Act 1)

Minutes 35 to 40:

In-class reading of "The Proposal" (Act 2)

Minutes 40 through 45:
Discussion of "The Proposal" (Act 2)

Minutes 45 through 50:


Vocabulary building strategy: Vocabulary exercise

How will I know this is working?

            a) Lively discussion of other migration
            b) Students are prepared for/promptly complete the vocabulary exercise
            c) In-class production of "The Proposal" elicits an emotional response from students

Associated projects: DR-TA worksheet for "The Proposal"

Readings : "The Proposal" (a play)