Vocabulary Exercise
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Each answer is worth 3 pts. (3 x 11=33 pts)

a. Social ladder:

_____  A depiction which overly stresses one particular characteristic

b. Americanization:

_____  Homogeneous society

c. Melting Pot:

_____  The northern provinces of modern-day Germany

d. Diversity:

_____  Appreciation for ethnicity

e. Caricature:

_____  A change in cultural practices

f. Bridgett:

_____  Depiction of an Irish laborer

g. Patrick:

_____  Depiction of an Irish domestic

h. Nativism:

_____  _____  A metaphor for social success

i. Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein:

_____  _____  An African-American institution

j. Ellis Island :

_____  Discourage immigration

k. AME Church :

_____  Immigration port of New York