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Note: Information on the Braswell Family before Jane Braswell b. 1741 in Bertie Co NC comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes.

Robert (3Robert, 2Richard, 1Robert) Braswell (Conjecture)

Robert Braswell was born in about 1700 in Isle of Wight Co VA. In about 1712, Robert and most off his extended family migrated to Chowan Co NC at the end of the Tuscarora Rebellion when the North Carolina back county was opened for settlement.

Nothing much is known of Robert's young life. Robert is first documented in his father's 1734 will. But, nothing else is found in records until 1747 when Robert and "wife Jullian" sold land in what had become Northampton Co NC. From the previous record and the dates of birth for their children, it is evident that sometime before 1740 in Bertie Co NC Robert married Jullian Braswell b. c. 1720. Unfortunately, her surname is not known.

The next record for Robert shows that he migrated by 1/1750 to Johnston Co NC where he was involved in land transactions with his brother John, brother-in-law Joshua Daughtry, and probable cousin William Bryant.

The Robert Braswell of Northampton/ Johnston Co NC disappears from records after 1754. And, a Robert Braswell appears in Old Granville Co SC in 4/1757 where he patented land in the Long Canes Settlement on Little River. Conjecture leads to the belief that this is the same person.

Richard died in about 1764 in Old Granville (now Abbeville) Co SC.

In the name of God Amen, I Robert Braswell of Bertie Precinct in North Carolina. . .
Item. I give to my loving son ROBERT BRASWELL my young gray horse. . . .
Northampton Co., NC Deed Book 1, p. 319:
1747 - October 20, ROBERT BRASWELL of Nhmptn to BRYANT DAUGHTREE of Nacemond, for 25 pounds Va., 200 a., part of a tract of land containing 600 a., "beg. at the mouth of a great Branch whereon the sd BRASWELLs Father lived and so up the branch to the head line so along the Head Line to Urah Swamp so down the Swamp to the first station. . . .and JULIAN BRASWELL the wife of said ROBERT BRASWELL" surrendered her dower.
Wit: JOSHUA DAUGHTREE, JANE (X) BRYANT. signed ROBERT BRASWELL & a seal, JULIAN BRASWELL & a seal. Ackd Nov. 1747.
Northampton Co., NC Deed Book 1,p.  466:
1750 - February 4, ROBERT BRASWELL, son of ROBERT BRASWELL decd, and WILLIAM BRASWELL of Johnston Co. to BRYAN DAUGHTREE of Nhmtn, for 20 pds Va., 100 a. on S/S of Uraha Swamp "being a tract of land which the said WILLIAM BRASWELL sold to JOHN BOYD which joins the said BOYDs line on the South West side beginning at the mouth of Great Branch and down Uraha Swamp to the mouth of Poplar Branch then up the sd branch the several courses thereof to a marked Pine & corner tree then by a line of marked trees to a White Oak standing in the said Great Branch then down the branch to the first station".
Grantor/Grantee Index of Johnston, Dobbs, and Lenoir Counties, North Carolina (1750/1754), Book 2, p. 18 & 86:
28 Feb 1780 RICHARD HORNE of Johnson Co to BRYAN LEE of Edgecom Co for L6,000?, 147 acres Johnson Co ES Buffalo Ck... land granted to RICHARD BRASWELL 25 Oct 1750 to JOHN HINNANT to RICHARD HORNE 3 Feb 1778...Wit: CHA LEE, SIMON LEE, MALCHAI WIMBERLY, RICHARD (R) HORNE Nov Ct 1781(Deed Bk K 222)
1755 - October 6, Martain Gardner of Bertie Co., NC in his will bequeathed unto his son John "440 acres of land and plantation Joyning my land above upon deep Run and Cashy". Other children: William, James, Martin, Ann, Annah & Jane. Exexutrix: Wife Annah. Executor: Needham Bryan. Witnesses: Benjamin Carter, Joseph Holland. C.CT. Benjamin Wynns.
Petitions for Land from South Carolina Council Journals:
1756 - December 7, Robert Brasswell 100 acres on northwest branch of Long Canes known by Little River and is the water of Savannah River.
Certified April 7, 1757 by Edwd Musgrove
The above Platt was Certfyd for Henry Baker by order of Council Jany 1st 1765.

April 7, 1757 BRASSWELL, Robert, Plat For 100 Acres in Granville County [SC].
Names: BRASSWELL, Robert; MUSGROVE, Edward; LEIGH, Egerton.
Locations: Granville County/ Little River.

Pursuant to a Precept Directed under the hand and Seal of Egerton Leigh Esqr and Surveyor General dated the seventh day of December AD 1756 I have Measured and laid out unto Robert Brasswell a Plantation tract of Land in Granville County Containing One hundred Acres and is Situate Lying and being on the Northwest Branch of Long Canes and known by the name of Little River the Property a Creek because it is not One Chain in Width and is the water of Savannah River and was vacant at the time of this Survey and with such shapes and marks as the above plat Represents Certified under this 7th day of April 1757. Edwd Musgrove.


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