Descendants of Rev. Robert Bracewell of England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #5

Jane (4Joseph, 3Richard, 2Robert, 1Robert) Braswell

Jane Braswell was born 1741 in Isle of Wight Co VA. In about 1750, she migrated with her family to then Colleton/Berkeley Co [Orangeburg Dist.] SC. In about 1758 probably in Old Granville SC, Jane married Henry Overstreet, Jr. b. 1735 Bertie Co NC.

In an example of migration by an extended family, the Braswells and the Overstreets migrated to Georgia. In 1664 Kindred and Robert Braswell applied for land near Ogeechee Swamp in St. George's Parish GA. On 8/6/1765 Henry also received a land grant on Ogeechee Swamp. Did Henry and Jane live with one of the Braswell brothers while waiting for his land grant?

Henry and Jane lived in the Wiregrass Section of Georgia which would eventually become Emanuel County. Jane survived Henry and is listed in the 1798 Montgomery Co GA Tax List, dying shortly thereafter.

1/1765 St. Georges Parish GA Land Records:
Petition from Henry Overstreet, Jr.". . .setting forth that he had been about four months in the
Provence from South Carolina about twelve miles from where Mr. Galphin lives." He was granted 393 acres along the Great Ogeechee Swamp.


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