Descendants of John Burgess of England

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Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #1

Note: Information on the Burgess/Braswell Family before Jane Braswell b. 1741 in Isle of Wight Co VA comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes.

John Burgess of England (Conjecture)

In 1629 Warrascoycak (which term came to embrace Basse's Choice and all the other settlements in the Isle of Wight) were Capt. Nathaniel Basse, Richard Bennett, Robert Savin and Thomas Jordan. In March following, they were John Upton, John Atkins, Robert Savin and Thomas Burges.
Isle of Wight County Records William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vo., 7, No. 4 Apr., 1899). pp. 205-315.

John Burgess was born in about 1625, probably in England. And, John would have immigrated in about 1630 with his family to Isle of Wight Co VA.

In about 1655 in Virginia, John married Mary Wyatt b. 1632 in Virginia. John and Mary lived their lives in Isle of Wight Co VA where John died before 1669.


    1. Susannah Burgess b. c. 1650 Isle of Wight Co VA

Generation #2


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