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Generation #2

Note: Information on the Burgess/Braswell Family before Jane Braswell b. 1741 in Isle of Wight Co VA comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes.

Mary (1George) Wyatt (Conjecture)

Mary was born in 1632 in Virginia. Her date of birth is set from deposition in Surry County Court on 5/15/1672 where she stated she was 40 years old.

In about 1655 in Virginia, Mary was wed to John Burgess b. c. 1630 in Virginia. John and Mary's lived their lives in Isle of Wight Co VA raising daughter, Susannah. But John died before 1669.

Mary wed again before 4/1669 in Surry Co VA to Richard Skinner b. 1626 in England. Mary and Richard are mentioned in Surry Co VA records having acknowledged receipt of daughter Susannah Burgess' legacy from her deceased father, John Burgess. Did Susannah surrender her inheritance to her mother to preclude her perspective husband confiscating her real estate? As the husband could legally assume ownership of his wife's property, this seems like an ingenious solution which would secure these holdings for Susannah. Richard died 1677 in Isle of Wight Co VA.

Mary wed again in 1680 Isle of Wight Co VA to John Collins b. c. 1625. Mary and John lived the remainder of their lives in Isle of Wight Co VA. John died before 2/1695 and Mary died sometime thereafter.

On 20 April 1669, MARY SKINNER, wife of RICHARD SKINNER, acknowledged receipt of all the estate that her husband JOHN BURGESS gave to her daughter SUSANNAH BURGESS. (Surry County - Book I, Page 332)
On 15 May 1672, RICHARD SKINNER, aged 46, and MARY SKINNER, aged 40, gave their testimony in Surry County Court, the orphan of JOHN BURGESS (Susannah Burgess) being mentioned. (Surry County - Book 2, Page 14) 
RICHARD SKINNER died in Isle of Wight County in 1677, as administration was granted his relict MARY SKINNER on 9 April 1677, and MR. ROBERT FLAKE, MR. GEORGE MOORE, being her securities. (Chapman's Wills and Administrations - Volume I, Page 104) 

MARY SKINNER was married to JOHN COLLINS, SENR. by 9 September 1680, for on that date, GEORGE CRIPPS, widower of JOYCE CRIPPS, her sister, made an agreement with MARY SKINNER, widow, now wife of JOHN COLLINS, regarding MARY'S inheritance in 1300 acres of land from her sister JOYCE CRIPPS. (Deeds and Wills 1662-1715 - Volume I, Pages 439-444)

Feb 10, 1695 Isle Of Wight Co VA Wills and Deeds Book-Page: 1-200
John Collins, Jr. Appraisal presented by George Moore, and appraised at the home of John Collins Sen. by John Carrell, Thomas Thropp.

Isle of Wight County Will Book 1, P. 217
MARY, widow of JOHN COLLINS, in her widowhood gives to JOHN RIGG a grandson a brown heifer per JOHN (O) COLLINS, W: RO: (signed) KAE SR. and THOMAS (signed) MOORE



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