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Generation #0

John (0Research) Woodard of England



1. Christopher Woodard
Birth: 1594 in England
Death: in VA
Marriage 1 Dorothy b: ABT 1596 in England


  1. Francis Woodard b: ABT 1615 in VA
  2. Christopher Woodard Jr. b: ABT 1620 in VA
  3. Samuel Woodard b: ABT 1622 in VA
2. Francis Woodard
Birth: ABT 1637
Death: ABT 1679 in Norfolk Co, VA

Francis Woodard was born 1637 or 1639 and died 1679 Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. He married Ann Hayes (born about 1638 in Virginia, died before 1679 in Lower Norfolk, VA). They were married about 1658 in Virginia. Their children were Henry, Mary, Elizabeth, and John. The will of Francis Woodward (but he signed as Woodard, and uses the name "wooddard" several times) of Lower Norfolk, VA is dated 21 April, 1679, proved 15 Aug. 1679. I believe his wife is already dead because she is not mentioned besides "my body to receive a Christian buriell in ye orchard with my wife". His four children listed are: " my two sonnes Jno. and Henry Wooddard... daughter Mary...daughter Elizabeth". They are all underaged (I believe that is 16 for the time, based on other wills). Sole executors were Nicholas Wesley and Benj. Granger, and they were also put in care of his children. Witnesses were Joseph Lake and William Newport. His daughter Mary was to be kept by Joseph Lake and his wife until 16 or married. "Brief Abstract of Norfolk Co. and Norfolk Co. Wills, 1637-1710", (1914), pg. 67

Marriage 1 Ann Hayes b: ABT 1615 in VA
Married: ABT 1634

  1. Henry Woodard b: ABT 1650 in VA
  2. John Woodard b: ABT 1637 in VA
  3. Mary Woodard b: ABT 1641 in VA
  4. Elizabeth Woodard b: ABT 1643 in VA
3. Henry Woodard
Birth: ABT 1650 in VA
Death: AFT 1734 in Bath, Beaufort Co, NC

Henry married Mary Martin (I have a little bit of info about Mary's dad, Joel Martin). John Woodard was one of their children. A 1734 Norfolk Co. deed by Henry Woodard to John Woodard reads "for love and affection to my eldest son 300 acres on Bath Town Creek in Bath County in the Province of North Carolina where the said John now lives, given to me by Joel Martin, my father-in-law, by deed dated Sept. 20, 1709, part of a patent granted to Joel Martin June, 1706." At the same time, Henry Woodard also deeded to John Woodard 400 acres adjoining the said patent which was patented jointly between Joel Martin, Jr. and Henry Woodard, being 800 acres undivided land. The deed was signed H. W. Woodard, witnessed by Henry Woodard, Jr. and C. Holiday. It was recorded in Bath Town, Beaufort County in March, 1755.

He left a will on 24 October 1715 at Bath Co., NC; Proved 03 Jul 1716
Sons: John (land on Matchapungo Creek), William (land in Newport Sound). Daughters: Ann Martin (320 acres of land), Elizabeth Penny, Mary Woodard, Frances Jarvis. Son-in-law: John Penny. Executors: Elizabeth Penny, John Porter. Witnesses: John Deon, Henry Smith, Jno. Drinkwater. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Drinkwater.

Mary Martin

F, b. circa 1660, d. 1715, #6176

Beaufort County, NC - Land & Deed Records Book 1, p. 269
Oct. 24, 1715 - Will of Joel MARTEN, (Grandfather) Bath Co.: Devised to: Son - John MARTEN - 220 acres lying North side Matchapongo Creek; 1 horse with ears cropt, 1 bed and bolster, 1 gun already given him. After decease of wife, cattle and hogs equally divided between said John MARTEN and daughter, Elizabeth PENNY, son William MARTEN and daughter, Ann MARTEN. Son - William MARTEN - 340 acres in Newport Sound, carpenter's tools, sword and cane, small gun that was his brother's Joels. After decease of his mother, give him "My old buccaneer Gun". All cattle of his own proper mark - a crop and slit and underkeel in right ear and a hole in the left. "My best suit of clothes." Daughter - Ann MARTEN - 1 bed, bolster and covering, 1 cow and calf, yearling heifer to be marked for her next spring. First mare foal my old mare brings to be delivered day of marriage or decease of "my wife". Grandson - Joel MARTEN - 250 acres in Newport Sound on condition that if said grandson Joel MARTEN, when age 21 years shall "acknowledge and make over to grandson, John WOODARD, son of Henry WOODARD in Virginia, 400 acres, one-half part of tract of 800 acres included in a patent which was in my son, Joel MARTEN's name, said part omitted to be acknowledged by my son, Joel MARTEN, and if same is acknowledged by said grandson, Joel MARTEN, then aforesaid 250 acres, "I give unto him, his heirs. . . ., but in case he shall refuse to acknowledge same, and that part especially which joins on Thomas WORSLEY, then I give and bequest the aforesaid 250 acres to grandson, John WOODARD..." Grandson - John WOODARD - 250 acres Grandson - Joel MARTEN - Cattle that was his father's - proper mark being a crop and two slits in the right ear, and a swallow fork in left, 2 Ewes with their increase, 2 racks, pr. Of tongs, spit and 2 flesh forks, horses and mares that belonged to his father. "Debts owed by son Joel MARTEN paid out of his estate" Daughter - Elizabeth PENNY - part of tract lying in mouth of White Oak River, 320 acres, the whole as by Patent of 540 acres, and remaining part to daughter, Ann MARTIN, daughter, Elizabeth PENNY making her first choice. Daughter - Elizabeth PENNY - one bed and bolster, one Ewe, 1 mare branded with IP on near side, 1 iron pot about 4 gal., all cattle of certain mark, being a crop and overkeel in the left ear and hole in the right. John PENNY, husband of my daughter, Elizabeth PENNY to have no interest direct or indirect in said land and if claims any right, that John PORTER to take land in his possession for daughter's use. Also John PENNY to not molest daughter, Elizabeth PENNY. Grandson - Joel MARTEN - to remain with my dau. Elizabeth PENNY at plantation I now live on until he reaches 18 years, "she learning him to read and write". If wife dies before Grandson Joel MARTEN is 18 years, dau. Elizabeth PENNY to live on Plantation I now live on until grandson, Joel MARTEN 18. Wife - Elizabeth MARTEN - remainder of estate Dau. - Mary WOODARD - 1 shilling After decease of wife, Elizabeth MARTEN, personal estate - hogs, cattle and household goods, be equally divided between my daughters, Elizabeth PENNY, my son, Wm MARTEN, and my daughter, Ann MARTEN. Only son, John MARTEN, to have part of sheep and cattle. Executors - Daughter, Elizabeth PENNY, Mr. John PORTER Wit: John ODEON, Henry SMITH, Jno. DRINKWATER Proved July 8, 1716, Court held at Bath

  • Birth*: Mary Martin was born circa 1660.
  • Married Name: As of circa 1675,her married name was Woodard.
  • Marriage*: She married Henry Woodard circa 1675.
  • Death*: Mary Martin died in 1715.
  • Note*: She She married Henry Woodard. Henry was born about 1659. Henry was the son of Francis Woodard and Ann Hayes. Henry died after 1734 in Bath Co., NC. On December 6, 1693, Lower Norfolk County, VA, Henry Wodard sold land to Lt. Adam Thorowgood. Owen Hayes bequeathed to his son-in-law and my father Francis Woodward who bequeathed it to his eldest son John who died and it went to Henry, 150A for 4,000lb tobacco. (Anne E. Maling, Princess Anne Co. VA Land & Probate Records, Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1992) John Smyth purchased 180A L. Norfolk Co. on May 2, 1713 by Green Sea near Henry Woodard (Cavaliers & Pioneers, p 130) Henry Woodard 93A L. Norfolk Co. on Elizabeth River adjacent his own and Stith's land August 17, 1720, 10 shillings. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, p. 223)

    Mary Martin and Henry Woodard had the following children:

    314 i. Henry6 Woodard (Jr.).

    315 ii. Joel Woodard. Joel died after November 21, 1734.

    316 iii. Mary Woodard.

    + 317 iv. John Woodard was born about 1679.
    After 1715.
  • (Heir) Will: She was named an heir in the will of John Martin dated 24 October 1715 at Bath Co., NC.

Marriage 1 Mary Martin b: ABT 1650 in Bath, Beaufort Co, NC
Married: ABT 1668 in VA

  1. John Woodard Sr. b: 1669 in Isle of Wight Co, VA
  2. Henry b: abt. 1671
  3. Mary b: abt. 1673
  4. Joel b:?
Beaufort Co NC Wills:
Will of John Woodard dated 11/21/1734; probated 12/10/1734. Sons Henry and John, daughter Mary Woodard (received plantation on Pamlico River), and brother Joel Woodard. Elizabeth Cortney was also named as an heir. Executors: William Martin and Henry Lucas. Witnesses: Robert Sheard, Henry Odom, and Elizabeth Cortney. Overseers: Edward Salter and John Odom.



    1. John Woodard, Sr. b. 1669 Isle of Wight Co VA

    2. Joel Woodard

Beaufort Co NC Wills:
Will of John Woodard dated 11/21/1734; probated 12/10/1734. Sons Henry and John, daughter Mary Woodard (received plantation on Pamlico River), and brother Joel Woodard. Elizabeth Cortney was also named as an heir. Executors: William Martin and Henry Lucas. Witnesses: Robert Sheard, Henry Odom, and Elizabeth Cortney. Overseers: Edward Salter and John Odom.

Generation #1


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