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Generation #1

John (0Research) Woodard of England

John Woodard was born in about 1690 in Isle of Wight Co VA. John lived on land just south of Franklin (now Southampton) Co VA. In about 1710 John married Margaret. But, only her first name is known.

Sometime before 8/1748, the family migrated south to Edgecombe Co NC. This migration is documented by the sale of the family property in Isle of Wight Co VA.

John died after 2/1765 when he left his will naming his wife and children.

Virginia Land Patent Book 12, p. 84:
July 9, 1724, Gov. Hugh Drysdale granted John Woodard 100a. north of Main Blackwater Swamp beginning at the county line 'twixt Isle of Wight and Nansemond lands of John Butler 10 shilings' (Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. III, p. 271; ) This land was situated about two miles south-southeast of the present town of Franklin.
Isle of Wight Co. Deed Book 8 (1747-1752), pp. 160-2:
John Woodwerd and wife, Margaret (signed "X") of Edgecomb Co. NC sold the 100a. from the 1724 Isle of Wight grant to Henry Hedgepeth for 15lb sterling on August 1, 1748, witnessed by Isaac Fleming, William Murfree and James Holland. (Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. II, p. 272)
North Carolina Patent Book 11, p. 294:
April 27, 1754 John Woodard patented 495a. adjoining William Barnes north of Contentnea Creek, Edgecomb Co., NC. This was probably 2-3 miles northwest of Stantonsburg, in what is now Wilson County.
Minutes of the Edgecombe Co. Court:
The minutes of the Edgecombe County Court mentioned John Woodard for the first time on June 26, 1761.
SEPTEMBER Court, 1761:
MARCH, 1762: Ordered that the following persons lay off road leading out of the road that crosses Swift Creek at the Bridge near RICKMANís store between the store and Greens Path and then near the Plumb Tree Bottom above < > into the road: Henry BRASWELL overseer and the following work on the same: John WOODARD.
Edgecombe Co NC Will Book A, p. 146:
Will of JOHN WOODARD: Written Feb. 11, 1765; Proven July of 1765, Parish of St. Mary, Edgecombe Co., North Carolina.
Wife Margreat Woodard; son Elisha Woodard; son John Woodward; daughter Mary Lee; Margret Brown (daughter of said Mary Lee); Leonard Langston and Ann {Woodard Langston} his wife; granddaughters Sarah Langston and Elisabeth Langston; James Holland and Sarah his wife; grandson John Holland; son Thomas Woodard. Residue of my estate to my wife for her widowhood and then to be divided among my six children before mentioned.
Executor of estate: son Thomas Woodard. Witnesses: Stephen Cobb, James Barnes, John Drew ( July 1765 Court).


    1. Mary Woodard c. 1710 Isle of Wight Co VA

    2. John Woodard, Jr.

July 9, 1754. William Moore sold Thomas Woodward 100A for 10lbs sterling. On October 31, 1765, Thomas sold to John Woodward two tracts of land, one of which was the earlier purchase from William Moore.

    3. Thomas Woodard

Edgecombe Co Deeds 1732-1741, p. 287:
August 15, 1739. Jacob Pope of Edgecombe sold Thomas Woodward of Nansemond Co. for 14 lbs a tract of 275A on Cypress Pocoson (from a patent dated June 12, 1730); witnessed by Robert Coleman and John Sykes. 
Halifax Co NC Deed Book 4, p. 350:
August 5, 1752 William Lassiter of Edgecombe Co. sold Thomas Woodard, planter of Edgecombe, for 10lbs current Virginia money 225A north of Tar River adjoining said Woodard, witnessed by Jacob Loockerman and Henry Wyate.
Edgecombe Co NC Deed Book 2, p. 67:
July 9, 1754, William Moore sold Thomas Woodard of Edgecombe Co. for 10lbs current Virginia money 100a. north of Tar River on Spring branch at the mouth of Stoney Branch, witnessed by William Strickland and Edward Moore.

On October 31, 1765, Thomas sold to John Woodward two tracts of land, one of which was the earlier purchase from William Moore.

November 9, 1756 Thomas Woodard patented 419A south of Contentnea Creek, Dobbs Co., NC (now Wayne Co.) (Patent Book in Land Grant Office, Raleigh) He had land in Nash Co. NC.
Edgecombe Co NC Deed Book 00, p. 76.
October 31, 1765, Thomas Woodard of Edgecombe Co. sold John Woodard of Edgecombe Co. for 93.6.8 a tract of 275A on Tar River at the mouth of Stoney Branch; witnessed by Edward Moore, Nathaniel Smith and James Lee, Jr.

    4. Elisha Woodard

Wayne County Deed Book 5-E, Page 183:
Elisha Woodard, Sr. of Edgecombe County, NC
Deed to Elias Daniel witnessed by Lemuel Daniel, Josiah Daniel, Asa Daniel.
21 Aug 1793
Edgecombe Co NC Wills:
The will of Elisha Woodard, 3/26/1798.
Martha Amerson, wife of Benjamin Amerson-also my 3 grandsons Asa, Thomas, and Levi Jordan, sons to Cornelius Jordan, Jr ., dec'd. He also left to son Elisha extr the 490a plantation whereon he lives, tract patented by my father John Woodard dec'd bound by William Barnes' corner, banks of Cotentnea Creek.

    5. Ann Woodard

    6. Sarah Woodard

Generation #2


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