Descendants of Johan August Jonson
of Sweden


Generation #1

Johan August (0Research) Jonsson of Sweden

Johan August Jonsson was born on 12/10/1855 in Holma Almesakra Parish, Jonkoping Lan, Sweden. And, his date of birth is fixed from a 1942 Swedish newspaper article, celebrating the life of the then 85 year-old inventor of the Rock Giant, a hoist to move rocks from the farmer's fields.

In about 1880 in Jonkoping Lan, Johan August married Ida Sophia Carlsdottir b. c. 1860 in Sweden. And, Johan August and Ida Sophia had at least two sons and three daughters.

Johan August lived a long life on his farms in southern Sweden where he fostered innovations such as mechanical inventions and artificial fertilizer. From Johan August's obituary which was written in Swedish, we learn the following:

1944. Landowner Johan Jonsson, a famous old man, passed away at age 88 at Rood in Norra Sansjo [Parish], born in Holma Almesakra county [Parish]. Farm in Rood left to son-in-law Anton Lagekvist. Survived by two sons and three daughters.

Johan August died on 11/10/1944 in Norra Sansjo, Jonkoping Lan, Sweden.


    1. Alma Jonsson b. 1881 Safsjo, Jonkoping Lan, Sweden.

    2. Alfred Jonsson b. c. 1883 Jonkoping Lan, Sweden

    3. Naemi Jonsson b. c. 1886 Jonkoping Lan, Sweden

    4. Son Jonsson b. c. 1889 Jonkoping Lan, Sweden

    5. Singe Jonsson b. c. 1892 Jonkoping Lan, Sweden

Generation #2


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