Descendants of Thomas Graham of Scotland

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Generation #1

Thomas Graham of Scotland

Thomas Graham was born in about 1647, reportedly in Scotland. For almost 500 years, Scotland was torn apart first by wars of independence with England and later by religious wars between Protestants and Catholics. In the years when Thomas would have been a young man, terrible atrocities were committed by both sides. These minor conflicts culminated in the Jacobite War of 1689 between the followers of James II of Scotland and England and William of Orange.

Although we do not know whether Thomas Graham was involved in this war, we do know that John Graham, Earl of Claverhouse, was second in command to King James and the victor at the Battle of Killikrankie in 7/1689. It is reasonable to conclude that the Graham family was involved in these many conflicts and that Thomas was potentially adversely affected. Whatever family Thomas was born to, conditions were rife for exmigration.

Thomas would have arrived in Virginia in about 1670, probably in Rappahannock County. Whether he brought a wife with him is not known. Thomas is reported to have lived and died in the part of Old Rappahannock County which would become Richmond Co VA.


    1. Mary Graham

    2. Edward Graham b. c. 1675 Rappahannock Co VA

    3. James Graham

Westmoreland Co VA Will Book 6, p. 170:
Inventory of the estate of James Graham, June 26, 1717.

Generation #2


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