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Edward Herndon of Virginia

Edward Herndon was born in 1702 in King and Queen Co VA. And in 1727 in King and Queen Co VA, Edward married Elizabeth Stubblefield b. 1706 in Albemarle Co VA.

Edward and his family is important to this research; as his children married into both the Lewis and Colston families of Spotsylvania Co VA. Due to such a close family alliance, family members witnessed wills and acted as executors for multiple estates. The Herndon Family records provide insight into the Lewis Family history. Edward died 11/5/1759 in Spotsylvania Co VA. But, his descendants continued to live their lives intertwined with the Lewises.

Spotsylvania County Minute Book, 1755-1765:
Thos. Burbridge appointed overseer of the road from Corbin's bridge to the Rapa. Road above Edw. Herndon's, his gang Viz. his own; Col. Corbin's qtr. where Fra. Cammock is overseer; Mathew Lewis; Wm. Lewis's planta.; Nichs. Hawkins; John Gordon; Widow Burbridge; Mr. John Smith's qtr; & Wm. Ellis's tithes. [MB p. 7]
Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800, p. 217:
Nov. 3, 1760. Anthony Strother of King George Co. Gent., and Mary, his wife, to William Lewis of Fredksbg. 300 curr. Lots 35 & 36, in town of Fredksbg. Witnesses, William Smith, William Brock, Wdwd. Herndon. Nov. 4, 1760.


    1. Edward Herndon

Spotsylvania County Will Book D (1761-1772) page 61:
LEWIS, William, Fredericksburg, d. Jan 17, 1763, p. July 4, 1763. Wit. [GEN] Hugh MERCER, Wm. KNOX, William HARTWELL. Ex. Wife, Sarah LEWIS; Charles YATES; Joseph BROCK; Edward HERNDON. Leg. son, James LEWIS, the lot which I purchased from Anthony STROTHER; sons, John, William, Benjamin and George; wife, Sarah LEWIS
Spotsylvania Co VA Wills, p. 90:
HERNDON, Edward, Berkeley Parish, Spotsylvania Co., d. Aug. 5, 1793, Executors Bond dated Sept. 3, 1799.
Ex. my sons-in-law James LEWIS and Anthony FRAZER.
Leg. wife Mary [Colson] HERNDON; son-in-law James LEWIS; my children. Codicil Mar. 14, 1799, appoints his four sons John, Edward, William and Joseph HERNDON executors.

    2. John Herndon

Virginia Colonial Militia, p. 125:
John Herndon, Ensign of company under Capt. Miller, commission dated August 2, 1755.
Spotsylvania Co. Will Book E (1772-1798), p. 577:
HERNDON, John, St. George's parish, Spotsylvania Co., d. May 11, 1782, Executor's Bond dated Nov 20, 1783.
Wit. Thomas Allen, Joseph Fox, Robert Cunningham.
Ex. brothers, Edward and Joseph Herndon, my friend James Lewis, and my sons Joseph and John Herndon.
Leg. wife, Mary Herndon, entire estate until her death or re-marriage, then to be equally divided amongst all my children (not named).
Herndon, Capt. John, dec'd., his land near Fredsbrg. to be sold (VHFA 12 May 91); his ex. Edward Herndon and James Lewis, will sell slaves, HH and KF bel. to his estate at Mrs. Mary Herndon's in Spotsylvania Co. (VHFA 27 Sep 92); his ex. will sell two tracks on Massaponax; Mrs. Herndon lives on one (VHFA 19 Sep 93); his ex. will sell his 277 sc. tract in Spotsylvania Co. (VHFA 9 Jan 94).

    3. Joseph Herndon


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