Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

Generation #3

Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes. A detailed discussion of the many connections can be found at Lewis Family Research.

James (2James, 1James) Lewis of Caroline Co VA

Research Note: What connects James and Elizabeth to the Lewises of Spotsylvania?

#1. From the 12/1756 Spotsylvania Co VA probate, we learn that William Lewis and Thomas Haydon were appointed guardians of Elizabeth Long, who was possibly William's cousin [2C1R].

12/7/1756 Spotsylvania Co VA Probate:
£100. William LEWIS, guard. to Elizabeth LONG, orph. of Samuel LONG, with Thomas HAYDON, sec. Dec. 7, 1756.

2. Both William and his purported father, James, were associated with the Haydon family in Spotsylvania continuing back to Richmond Co VA.

Spotsylvania Co VA Will Book #, p. 1093:
HAYDON, JARVIS, Spotsylvania Co., d. Sept. 10, 1788.
Executors Bond dated Sept. 6, 1791. Wit. William Burbridge, Ester Ficklin, Thomas Haydon, Jesse Haydon Jr. Ex. my brother Jesse Haydon; my son James Haydon; James Lewis. Leg. mentions his father Thomas Haydon, deed; wife Mary Haydon; children, James, Jesse, Abner Haydon, Ann Hawkins and Patty Haydon.

James Lewis was christened 11/30/1690 in Middlesex Co VA. And, young James was known as James, Jr. until the death of his father in 1720.

In 1721 in Essex Co VA, James married Elizabeth Long b. c. 1700 Essex Co VA. From the 2/20/1721 Essex Co VA deed, we learn that Elizabeth's father gifted 100 acres to James and Elizabeth at the head of Taliaferro's Branch. And, locating this grant is important for future generations of the Lewis family.

Taliaferro's Branch is located on the Rappahannock River in northern Caroline county just across the river from Dogue VA. The land was part of an original patent by Richard Long adjacent to Elizabeth's Uncle Gabriel Long. In 1734, this would become the location of the ferry operated by the Taliaferros and the Tankersleys.

In 1716 back in Middlesex, James was accused of fathering an illegitimate child by Rebecca Jameson. And, it's true. The child was John Hackney, the illegitimate son of Rebecca Hackney.

The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co VA (1653-1812), p. 94:
John an illegitimate Son of Rebecca Hackney born Sept. 13 baptized October 14, 1716.

On 9/5/1717 in Middlesex Co VA, James Jameson married Rebecca Hackney b. 2/3/1695 Middlesex Co VA.

The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co VA (1653-1812), p. 161:
James Jamison & Rebecca Hackney Married Septem 5. 1717.

And in 5/1721, James Lewis was accused of fathering a bastard child with Rebecca, the wife of James Jameson.

Middlesex Co VA Order Book 6  (1721-1726), p. 254:
1 May 1722. James Lewis accused of fathering a Bastard child by Rebecca Jamesan.

Why did Rebecca wait so long to accuse James? Was she awaiting the settlement of James' fathers' estate?

In 1728 Caroline Co was split from Essex Co VA. But, James and Elizabeth are not found together in Caroline Co VA records. Why? The Lewis Family attended St. Mary's Parish in Caroline county. And, those parish registers, including deeds and wills, no longer exist. And come to find out, Elizabeth died early, sometime before 3/1747.

James had married Elizabeth Long. And her brother, Jeremiah, had married Judith. But, Jeremiah died in 1746; as proven by the probate records. So about 3/1747, the widower James married his wife's brother's widow, Judith. And, James and Judith lived the remainder of their lives in Caroline Co VA.

The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co VA (1653-1812), p. 41:
James the Son of James & Jone Lewis baptized 30 of Novemb., 1690.

Middlesex Co VA Order Book 5 (1710-1726), p. 245:
7 Apr 1719. James Lewis, Jr. “For Misbehaving before the court.”

Caroline Co VA Marriage References and Family Relationships, p. 73:
Lewis, James, marr. bef. 20 Feb 1720/1 Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Long of St Mary's Par. Essex Co.
Essex County, VA Records (16717-1722) Deeds, etc. #16, pp 262-64:
20 Feb 1720/21: Richard Long of St. Mary's Parish, Essex County, to Elizabeth Lewis now wife of James Lewis of same. For the true and natural affection and love that I bear to my well-beloved daughter Elizabeth now wife of James Lewis. 100 acres, part of a patent granted to me in St. Mary's the mouth of Taliaferro's branch...Gabriel Long's land...the head of a valley coming out of the Mount Swamp.
Signed: (R) Long Wit: John Munday, Gabriel (G) Long, John (J) Lawrence. 21 Feb. 1720 (1721). Acknowledged by Richard Long.
Ann wife of Richard Long relinquished her right of dower. 
Essex Co VA Records:
2/26/1720-21: Will of John Laurence, being very sick and week:
Cousin John Laurence three pounds. 

All my real and personall estate to my beloved wife Sareay Laurence.
My beloved wife and my beloved friend Gabrell Long axcretis and axcetor.

Witnesses John Fox, and James Lewis.
Presented to court by Sarah Laurence and proved by Richard Long and
James Lewis 9/19/1721.

Middlesex Co VA Order Book 6  (1721-1726), p. 254:
1 May 1722. James Lewis accused of fathering a Bastard child by Rebecca Jamesan.

1717-1721 Essex County Virginia Deed Book 17; Page 110-111:
THIS INDENTURE made the Nineteenth day of November 1722 Between RICHARD LONG of County of Essex & Parish of St. Marys of one part and JOHN HARRISON of the same Witnesseth that said Richard Long for sum of Two thousand four hundred & Sixty pounds of Tobacco & Cask to him paid doth grant unto said John Harrison his heirs forever all my land lying on the most westerly side of a Branch which is called Willards Spring Branch it being a branch of the Burchen Swamp which said branch includes all Willards old Plantation & the said land being bounded by a line called WILLIAM's Line & the line of JOB SPEARMAN and Heading at Mr. ROBERT PAYNS line it being fifty acres.
In presence of SAMLL. BIZWELL, Richd Long, JAMES LEWIS
At a Court held for Essex County 20th day of Novembr. 1722
This Deed for land was admitted to record.

MEMORANDUM that full possession of the within land was given to John Harrison to hold to him forever the 20th day 1722.
Wit: Samll. Bizwell, James Lewis
Acknowledged in Essex County Court the 20th day Novr. 1722 & admitted to record.


An Act for appointing several new Ferries: And lessening the former rates settled for the Ferriage of Wheel-Carriages: And altering several Court days. 

I. WHEREAS the ferries already appointed by law are not sufficient, Be it enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That public ferries be constantly kept at the places herein after named; and that the rates for passing the said ferries, be as follows: that is to say, 
New ferries established. . .
And from
Roy's warehouse landing, in the county of Caroline, over the river, to Gibson's warehouse, in the said county of King George, the price for a man, four pence, and for an horse, four pence.
1741, Mar 13 Last Will & Testament: James Atchinson.
Executors: Robert Hall, James Prince and Thomas Peatross
Witnesses: Philip Dornay, George Todd and Jno. Mitchell
Appraisers: Thomas Roy, Gabriel Long, Sherwood James and James Lewis. Caroline Co VA.
Caroline Co VA Marriage References and Family Relationships, p. 73:
Lewis, James, d. before 13 Aug 1762, marr. bef. 13 Mar 1746/7, Judith, widow of Jeremiah Long.
Colonial Caroline, p. 473:
Probate for Jeremiah Long. Nicholas and Jeremiah Long executors. (Note 10)
10. Judith Long failed as executor of Jeremiah Long's estate, and his sons, Nicholas and Jeremiah, Jr. took over.
Caroline Co VA Court Order Book, p.176:
13 Jun 1756, James Lewis ack. his deed of gift indented to Zachary Lewis.

This "Deed of Gift" from James Lewis to Zachary Lewis is another reference which connects the Zachary Lewis Family of Fredericksburg with the Lewises of Caroline Co VA.

Caroline Co VA Court Order Book, p. 207:
9 Sep 1756. Ordered that James Lewis and Judith be summoned to next Court to give counter security for the Estate of Jeremiah Long.
Caroline Co VA Court Order Book, p. 342:
13 Aug 1762. Petition: Judith, John and James Lewis, Executors of the last will and testament of James Lewis, Ag. James Parish. Judgement for 2 lbs current money.
Caroline Co VA Court Order Book, p. 369:
10 Sep 1762. Judith Lewis summoned to next court to give counter security for the Estate of James Lewis, dec'd.


    1. John Lewis b. c. 1721 Essex Co VA

    2. William Lewis b. 1723 Essex Co VA

    3. Mary Lewis

The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co VA (1653-1812), p. 125:
Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth born Novemr ye 10 baptized Decemr 1 1728.
Culpeper Co VA Deed Book A, p. 313:
July 18, 1751. David went to Culpeper to sign a deed to the land granted him in 1738 which he and his wife Mary were conveying to Robert Covington, of Culpeper County for 30 pounds. The deed named the grantors as "David Herndon and Mary his wife of the county of Caroline." The land was described as being "in Culpeper late in Orange." Mary did not accompany her husband. Instead John Taylor, John Baylor, and Richard Buckner, of Caroline, certified that they had taken the acknowledgment of consent by Mary Herndon to the sale of the property.
Will: Campbell Co., VA 08 Sep 1794 - 03 Sep 1795
Exec: Wife, son and Achilles MOORMAN
Wit: Griffin LEWIS Sr., David TALLEY & Benoni Co. TALLEY
"Wife Mary HERNDON all estate except the land my son Edward HERNDON lives on. Grandson David Herndon MOORMAN 150 acres a part of the land I live on. Daughter Frances MOORMAN"

    4. James "the Steward" Lewis b. c. 1730 Caroline Co VA

Generation #4


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