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Generation #1

Note: Information on the Taverner and Webb families is conjecture. To date there is no proof that the Taverner and Webb families intermarried. However, there was a familial relationship as proven by existing wills.

John Taverner of London, England

John Taverner was born c. 1575 in London, England. John was a merchant and an adventurer from the class of investors who looked to the New World as an opportunity toward wealth. The first member of the Taverner Family who migrated to Virginia was Richard Taverner. Was Richard John's father or John's uncle? No matter which, Richard perished along with the other members of the Roanoke Colony.

Virginia, The Roanoke Colony, 1587
Library of Congress, Senate Doc No. 677, 1915, 63rd Congress, 3rd Session, p. 54:
The names of the men, women and children, which safely arrived in Virginia 1587. Anno regni ReginÇ EliabethÇ 29: Richard Taverner

John Taverner, our immigrant ancestor was an adventurer. He had to be an adventurer to have sailed with the First Supply to the malarial swamp which was Jamestown in 1/1608. For most of the immigrants to early Jamestown, death was their reward as opposed to wealth.

However, John not only lived but thrived. In about 1619, John even returned to England on business. John died sometime after 1620, probably in London.

On 17 March 1618, John Taverner took 100 acres in Virginia.
Records of the Virginia Company, 1606-26, Volume III: Miscellaneous Records p. 23:
Whereas Peticon hath made by the friends of John Tavernor Capemarchant of the forte and store in Virginia for his retorne uppon some urgent occasion and for some time into England, we require you to license him so to do if it be his desire when you arive there. And we do nominate and appointe Thomas Wittingham into his Roome and office beinge one in whose sufficiency and honesty we have greate confidence.

Records of the Virginia Company, p. 226:
James Citty Nouembr 11th 1619 and find the Capemerchant (John Tavernor) witnessed the breakup of the 600 bushells sent on the Bona Noua.

The Names of the Adventurers, with their several sums adventured, paid to Sir Thomas Smith , Knight, late Treasurer of the Company for Virginia: John Taverner £37.10


    1. Henry Taverner b. 1601 London, England (Possible relative)

    2. John Taverner b. 1602 London, England

Generation #2


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