Descendants of John Taverner of London, England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #2

Note: Information on the Taverner and Webb families is conjecture. To date there is no proof that the Taverner and Webb families intermarried. However, there was a familial relationship as proven by existing wills.

John (1John) Taverner of England

John Taverner was born 1602 in London, England. In about 1627 in Somersetshire, England, John married Judith Smythes b. 6/24/1608 Somersetshire, England. Reportedly, Judith died by 1638.

Sometime before 1650, John immigrated to Virginia. Did he leave London after Judith's death? Did he travel to Virginia to manage property left to him by his father? In about 1650, John married an unknown spouse, the mother of son John, Jr.

John died after son John's birth in 1655.


    1. John Taverner, Jr. b. 1655 Lancaster Co VA

Generation #3


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