Descendants of Martin Tshudy
of Canton Glarus, Switzerland

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Generation #1

Martin Tshudy of Switzerland

Martin Tshudy was born in about 1698 in Glarus, Switzerland. Canton Glarus is located in eastern central Switzerland, and Stadt Glarus is the capital.

In about 1724, Martin married Ann Catherine Balmer b. c. 1706 in Furlen which is near Lausen in Halb-Cantone Basel Land along the Rhine River in northernmost Switzerland. Location of Ann's home is important; as Martin had begun migrating north and west toward the Rhine River before his marriage to Ann. Martin and Ann settled in Basel and started a family; however, they were destined for America.

Before 1735 the Tshudys began their family migration, heading north along the Rhine River, arriving at the Port of Rotterdam after a 3 - 4 week trip. An estimated 2/3 of immigrants from Switzerland and Lower Palatinate, Germany, arrived absolutely destitute, necessitating indenture as a means of obtaining passage to America. By 1817 immigrant conditions in lower Netherlands was so bad that a royal decree banned entry to persons who were likely to become a public charge [LPC]. We know that Martin and Ann were German speaking Protestants. As with the French Huguenots and the German Palatines, Swiss Protestants took advantage of British programs to populate Ireland and their American colonies with Protestants [Palatinate Immigration].

Having survived the voyage, the family is first documented in Charles Town SC in 1735 where the Tshudy Family served their indenture. In July of 1739, Martin secured a royal land grant in Orangeburg, and the family established themselves amongst the other German/Swiss pioneers. The Tshudy Family was associated with the local German language Reformed Church. And, Martin and son Jacob are listed as signers of the Giessendanner Petition of 1749..

Martin died before 7/1752. His widow, Ann Catherine, was married to Jacob Koonen (b. c. 1711) by Rev. Giessendanner on 7/21/1752 in Orangeburg Co SC. Note, the child born to Ann Catherine and her new husband was born 9/30/52, two months after the wedding. Date is fixed by the child's age at death from the Giessendanner Record. Because Martin Tshudy's date of death is unknown, the child could have been his. However, the child was named Hans Jacob Koonen. The child died 9/9/1756 at age 4 years less 22 days.

Ann Catherine Tshudy Koonen died 3/12/1760 and was buried on the Oth Plantation, Orangeburg Co SC. Jacob Koonen died after 1771; as he was listed as a houseguest of the younger Giessendanner during that year.

Tschudi, Martin, of Lausen, [tailor].
Anna Balmer, from Furlen, his wife.
1. Hans Jacob, bapt.............................        ?
2. Anna, bapt................................... Dec. 21, 1727
3. Barbara, bapt............................... March 16, 1732
4. Elisabet, bapt............................... May 16, 1734
Pays: Ten percent tax on 120 pounds.......12.--
         Manumission.................................. 20.--  32.--

Faust, Swiss Immigrants in the 18th Century, v. ii, pg.100.

Council Journal (1739), Orangeburg Co SC:
On 26 July 1739 granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.279 and 300 acres of land.
On Tuesday July 21st In Orangeburgh Church:
By Banns Jacob Koonen Senr. & Anna, late widow of Martin Tshudy decd. both of Orangeb. Township Being present: Henry Wurtzer, John Inderabnet Ulrick Reber etc. etc.
On Wednesday September 8th died after Eight Days Illness and on Thursday Septr 9th was entered in my Absence at the Plantation of Martin Koonen in Orangeburgh Township the Body of Hans Jacob, Son of Jacob & Catharine Koonen of the Township aforesaid: Aged four years, wanting 22 Days.
On Easter Day April 15th In Orangeb. Church Hans George, Son of Francis & Mary Koonen; born March 21st 1759. Surets George Balziger, Jacob Rumph, Catharine, Wife of Jacob Koonen.


    1. Hans Jacob Tshudy 

    2. Anna Tshudy

    3. Barbara Tshudy

    4. Elizabeth Tshudy

    5. Margaret Tshudy b. c. 1737 Orangeburg Co SC

Generation #2


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