Descendants of Richard Webb
of Gloucestershire, England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #1

Note: Information on the Taverner and Webb families is conjecture. To date there is no proof that the Taverner and Webb families intermarried. However, there was a familial relationship as proven by existing wills.

Richard Webb of Gloucestershire, England

Richard Webb was born 1603 in Gloucestershire, England. Belief that Richard was the immigrant ancestor of this Webb Family comes from an obscure reference to his being "transported" to Virginia. Other that that, nothing further is known. From this reference, Richard would have immigrated before 2/1662. This timeframe places Richard in the class of immigrants who migrated to the New World in search of opportunity.

Old Rappahannock Co VA Patent Bk. 5, p. 229:
Wm. Moseley & John Hull, 20 Feb. 1662. 5798 acs. for trans of 116 pers: WM. BREWER & others.
2/20/1662 Richard Webb listed as "transported" in Moseley & Hull patent, Rappahannock Co, Farnham Parish.


    1. Giles Webb b. c. 1623 Gloucestershire, England

    2. Richard Webb b. 1629 Gloucestershire, England

    3. John Webb

Will of William Lunn 3/1/1678, 1/21/1678 Rappahannock Co.. Names wife as Alicia, son as Roger and daughter as Mary. If none of these heirs survive, then his estate is to go to Giles Webb, s/o John Webb. The Will was witnessed by Edward Jones and Thomas Taylor.

    4. Alexander Webb b. 1633 Gloucestershire, England

    5. William Webb b. 1635 Gloucestershire, England

    6. Berry Webb b. 1637 Gloucestershire, England

Generation #2


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