Descendants of Richard Webb
of Gloucestershire, England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #2

Note: Information on the Taverner and Webb families is conjecture. To date there is no proof that the Taverner and Webb families intermarried. However, there was a familial relationship as proven by existing wills.

Giles (1Richard) Webb of England

Giles Webb was born c. 1623 in Gloucestershire, England. In about 1643, Giles married Judith Bland b. 1623 in England. Sometime before 1662, Giles migrated in the company of his father to Old Rappahannock Co VA.

Unfortunately, no further facts are known for this Giles except his date of death in 1692 in Richmond Co VA.

1679: The will of Roger Bagwell made bequests to Samuel Samford, Giles Webb, and Thomas Taylor. He named Edward Jones executor. This Roger Bagwell had a brother who inherited the residue of the estate and who was said to be of Aspon, Devonshire, England.


    1. Giles Webb, Jr.

    2. Isaac Webb

Kent County, Delaware Land Records, Vol. 4, 1735-1743:
14-Feb-1737 Deed. John Raynalls and Catherine his wife of Kent Co for 40 pounds sold to Phillip Lewes. . .a tr of land warrant from the Whorekill Court laid out unto Isaac Webb of Kent Co, dece surveyed 21 Jan 1679/80 called Shoemakers Hall a side of St. Jones Cr. 404a afterward Robert Webb son and heir of Isaac Webb became possessed of the afsd land and premises and did by his deed bearing date 10 May 1712. . .tracts of land being pt/o the afsd 400a. . .in Mutherkill Hund. . .100a and a tr of land being pt/o the land called Smirna. Wit: Thimothy Cuming, John Stevens, Junr. Ackn 11 Aug 1738

11 May 1738 Deed. John Webb eldest son of Robert Webb late of Mutherkill Hund Kent Co yeoman of 12 pounds sold to George Morgan now of the same place yeoman... a tr of land in Mutherkill adj to the sw side of land called Dundee being a tr of land laid out to the said Robert Webb by virtue of warrant from the commissionsers of property in Phila and is the same adj to the side of a tr called Cundee and to the s side of Isaac Br whereon the said Robert Webb did also dwell formerly and did purch from Thomas Bedwell, decd....and right, title, and interest whatsoever in any lands within Kent Co. wit: George Manlove, Hugh Durborow Junr. Ackn 13 May 1738

Kent County, Delaware Land Records Volume 1 1680-1701:
18 May 1682 Partnership. John bordon of Dover River in Kent Co on Del Bay planter and George Cliffton of the same river and Co planter a tr of land binding upon Isaeeke Webb and Robert Bedwell both of Kent Co and Weebe branch being equal partners or shareing in the same tr of land....George Clifford is to go and seate upon the tr of land and manage it.
Kent County, Delaware Land Records Volume 1 1680-1701:
4 Oct 1684 Deed of Mortage. Abraham Bratt sold to William Berry a tr of land called Spyres Neck layed out for consideration William Berry binds himself to pay or cause to be paid unto Abrahm Bratt four cows and 1000 pounds of tabacco in goods to be delivered this present spring. Wit: Isaack Weebb, Thomas Millsum, Thomas Ryler.
Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records:
3/15/1687 Will of Webb, Isack; Admin. of. to Mary Webb, widow.

    3. John Webb b. 1649 Gloucestershire, England

    4. James Webb

Generation #3


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