Descendants of Dennis Mullin
County Kerry, Ireland

County Kerry

Generation #2

Dennis (1Dennis) Mullin

Dennis Mullin was born 1827 in Knockenaugh, County Kerry, Ireland. Dennis' date of birth is determined from the 1860 Decatur Co IA and 1885 Taylor Co IA Censuses. And, Dennis had to help work the family farm after the death of his father.

On 2/18/1849 in Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland, Dennis married Margaret Houlihan b. 1832 Kilshenaugh Parish, County Kerry, Ireland.

Beginning in 1845, a disease struck Ireland, destroying the primary food crop. The Potato Blight began in southeastern Ireland and eventually spread throughout the island. By 1849 one out of every four Irish had died from starvation or disease and one out of every four Irish had migrated, mostly to America. And, the Mullin Family became part of this great migration. [Great Famine]

To survive the famine, the family migrated to America in stages. Circumstantial evidence leads to the belief that Dennis' mother, Margaret, in the company of his sister, Ellen, and husband, Maurice Daughton, immigrated to America first in about 1849. Having established their household, patriarch Maurice Daughton then sent for Dennis, Dennis' brother Patrick, the Houlihans, and his brother John who sailed aboard the Barque Hopewell, arriving 5/9/1851 in New York.

Reportedly, Dennis, the Daughtons, and the extended family  lived in New Jersey for  about four months before migrating to Ohio. The extended family is next found 9/15/1851 in Pickaway Co OH where sons Joseph and Michael were christened. And on 10/6/1856 in Fairfield Co OH, Dennis petitioned for naturalization.

Dennis and Margaret migrated along with the Maurice Daughton family to Decatur Co IA in 1858. They were among the pioneer settlers of "Little Ireland" in Woodland Twp. Evidence indicates that the local Catholic cemetery was established on Dennis' land--this particular plot and three adjoining pieces were donated to the Church--as son Bartholomew is the first burial in the cemetery.

The Catholic Church in the name of the Right Reverent Clement Smyth, Bishop of Dubuque, September 22, l863, acquired title to ten acres in Section 19, Woodland Township, for cemetery and church site for the sum of one dollar from WILLIAM GROGAN, PATRICK GROGAN, DENNIS MULLIN, MAURICE DAUGHTON and PATRIC MULLIN and their wives.

Rev. Edward J. Harkin, "A History of the Catholic Church, Decatur County, Iowa" l956.

On the gravestone of seven year-old Bartholomew Mullin is written: "Lonely boy, how brief thy stay, Short and hasty was thy day, Ending soon thy sojourn here, Pain or grief no more to bear."

The Dennis Mullin family traded their land south of Leon for land in Taylor County south of Clearfield, Iowa, an area which was known as Shay's Settlement. Dennis and Margaret migrated to Taylor Co IA in 1876, leaving behind Ellen and Patrick. The Bart Houlihan's lived with them. Dennis built them a one-room house attached to his house.

Dennis and Margaret lived the remainder of their lives on the family farm, attending church at St. Mary's just across the line in Maloy, Ringgold Co IA.

Dennis died 4/18/1892 in Taylor Co IA. He and Margaret are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Ringgold Co IA.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Maloy, Ringgold Co IA

Dennis Mullen
A Native of Kerry Ireland
Died Apr. 18 1892

Aged 66 Ys.

Husband's Father's Occupation NR

The Mullin/ Houlihan/ Daughton family immigrated
aboard the Barque Hopewell to New York

Limerick, Ireland to New York, 9 May 1851

I, Abm Dixon, Master of the Br Bark Hopewell, do solemnly. . .swear that the following List. . .delivered by me to the. . .
District of New York, is a full and perfect list of all the passengers taken on board the said Bark at Limerick, from which port said Bark has now arrived. . . .
Abraham Dixon
Sworn to this May 9 1851

List or Manifest of all passengers taken on board the Bark Hopewell whereof Abraham Dixon is Master, from Limerick. Burthen 268 tons

[The Houlihan/ Mullin family]
112 Patrick Holohan 40 M [Bartholomew Houlihan, age 62 M; father of Margaret]
116 Mary Holohan 40 F [Mary Galvin Houlihan, age 48 F; mother of Margaret]]
113 Dennis Millins 20 M [Dennis Mullin, age 24 M; ]
115 Margaret Mullins 17 F [Margaret Houlihan Mullin, age 17 F]
117 Holohan Infant M [Joseph Mullin]
118 Holohan Infant M [Michael Mullin]
114 Patrick Millins 16 M [Patrick Mullin, age 22 M; brother of Dennis]
124 John Daughton 40 M [John Daughton, age 40 M; brother-in-law of sister Ellen Mullin Daughton]

    Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild, "Bark Hopewell (1851)," <> 2011.

Naturalization Certificate, America our only Country, The State of Ohio, Fairfield County (ss)
I, John Radebaugh, clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, within and for said County, certify that at the October term of said Court, A.D. l856, (October),
DENNIS MULLIN, a native of Ireland, was duly admitted to Citizenship of the United States of America and is therefore entitled to all the rights and privileges of a naturalized citizen.
In testimony whereof, I, as Clerk of said Court, have hereunto fixed my seal this sixth day of October, l856. Signed: J. Radebaugh C.F.C.P.
On November 6, l858, DENNIS MULLIN and PATRICK MULLIN, two brothers, and a brother-in-law, MAURICE DAUGHTON, acquired title jointly to land in Section l9, Woodland Township, from MR. ISAM T.W. KILGORE.
1860 Decatur Co IA Census: Woodland Twp
DW#   FM#   Last     First        Age   Sex  Occup   POB
1560  1450  Mullins  Dennis       33    M    Farmer  Ire
                     Margaret     27    F            Ire
                     Bartholomew  4     M            OH
                     Mary         2     F            OH
                     John         4/12  M            IA
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Dennis MULLIN   Self   M   Male   W   50   IRE   Farmer   IRE   IRE 
 Margret MULLIN   Wife   M   Female   W   47   IRE   Keeping House   IRE   IRE 
 Mary MULLIN   Dau   S   Female   W   22   OH   No Occupation   IRE   IRE 
 Edward MULLIN   Son   S   Male   W   20   IA   Farming   IRE   IRE 
 Ella MULLIN   Dau   S   Female   W   17   IA   No Occupation   IRE   IRE 
 Dennis MULLIN   Son   S   Male   W   15   IA   Farming   IRE   IRE 
 John MULLIN   Son   S   Male   W   13   IA   At School   IRE   IRE 
 Kate MULLIN   Dau   S   Female   W   9   IA   At School   IRE   IRE 
 Jas. MULLIN   Son   S   Male   W   7   IA   At School   IRE   IRE 
 Patrick MULLIN   Son   S   Male   W   2   IA      IRE   IRE 
 Houlihan BARTHOLEMEW   FatherL   M   Male   W   90   IRE   Retired Farmer   IRE   IRE 
 Mary BARTHOLEMEW   MotherL   M   Female   W   82   IRE   Retired Housekeeper   IRE   IRE 
1885 Iowa State Census: Taylor Co
Grant 1885 #68
Last    First     Age  Sex  POB  ?
Mullen  Dennis    58   m    Ir
        Margaret  51   f    Ir
        Edward    24   m         27
        Ellen     22   f         27
        Dennis    19   m         27
        John      17   m         27
        Catarine  14   f         27
        Patrick   7    m         87
1900 Federal Census: Taylor County, Iowa
                                                 Dad  Mom
DW# FM# Last    First     Rel.  Sex R  Age  POB  POB  POB
246 246 Mullin  Margaret  Head  F   W   69  Ire  Ire  Ire
                Willie    Son   M   W   22  IA   Ire  Ire


    Note: Dates are provided by Fr. Harkin as cited in the Mullin Family Bible which was in the possession of Mrs. Helen Monahan of Creston IA.

    1. Joseph Mullin

    2. Michael Mullin

    3. Julia Mullin

    4. Bartholomew Mullin

MULLINS, Bartholemew
son of D. & M.
died Oct 9, 1862
aged 7y 1m 15d

    5. Mary Margaret Mullin

Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Michle HART   Self   M   Male   W   33   NY   Farmer   IRE   IRE 
 Marget HART   Wife   M   Female   W   26   IA   Keeping House   IRE   IRE 
 Julia M. HART   Dau   S   Female   W   4   IA      NY   IA 
 Marry A. HART   Dau   S   Female   W   2   IA      NY   IA 

    6. Edward Dennis Mullin b. 4/11/1860 Woodland Twp, Decatur Co IA

    7. Ellen "Nell" Mullin

    8. Dennis Mullin, Jr.

1895 Iowa State Census: Taylor Co
Grant 1895 #67
Last    First   Age  Sex  ?
Mullen  Dennis  29   M    27
        Kittie  24   F    27
        Rogger   3   M    87
        James    1   M    87

    9. John Martin Mullin

1900 Iowa State Census: Taylor Co
Grant 1895 #259
Last    First   Birth    Age POB
Mullen  John    Sep 1868 31  Ia Ir Ir 
        Nano    Sep 1869 30  Il Ir Ir 
        Bryan   Jan 1894  6  Ia Ia Il
        James   Jul 1899     Ia Ia Il

    10. Catherine Mullin

    11. James Mullin

    12. William Patrick Mullin

Generation #3


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